Montgomery and Radnor v Derbyshire

Derbyshire have lost all three of their opening fixtures in division three of the BDO Inter County Championships so far and this coming weekend will again be no easy task as they travel to Wales to take on Montgomery and Radnor who are fifteen points to the good and three places above them in the table. Nevertheless Derbyshire have proved in the past what a force they can be and one good result could easily restore their confidence and put them back on winning ways, hopefully this will be the game that will turn around their season.

Lining up for Derbyshire will be Men’s ‘A’:- Andy Baker, Paul Baker, Pete Burgoyne, Ian Clarke, Gary Fenn, Richard Hanson, Robert Hawker, Sean Lambert, Brian Snell, Steve Soar, Lee Stanley, Men’s ‘B’:- Ian Allcock, Henry Coates, Keith Cooper, Nigel Daniels, Andy Gillott, Richard Hughes, Robert Needham, Steve Paling, Richard Palmer, Tim Rippon, Darren Sullivan, Paul Williams, Reserves:- Gary Barker, Alan Clegg, Dan Ford, David Fritchley, Ben Holmes, Scott McCabe, Colin Rich, Ian Scobbie, Women’s ‘A’:- Rachel Ayres, Rebecca Hoyland, Sammi Marshall, Jennifer McCormick, Louise Rawson, Jackie Sweet, Women’s ‘B’:- Terri Bellamy, Dawn Buckley, Dee Fenn, Sara-Jane Harrison, Lauren Jackson, Holly Wright, Reserves:- Kerri Buckley, Amy Clifton, Michelle Cunningham, Kelly Dean, Sara Jukes, Emma Varnam.