A West Midlands Report

This coming weekend will bring the curtain down on the BDO Inter County Championships season and Warwickshire will play their final premier division fixture at home at the Bishopsgate Club, Foleshill Road Coventry, CV1 4LF against bottom of the table Kent.

With a gap of 34 points between themselves and third placed Essex, Warwickshire will not be able to emulate last season’s third place finish but with what should be a big win this weekend they will finish in a very creditable mid to top half of the  table.

Selected to play in the last game are, Men’s ‘A’:- Bob Nixon, Dean Stewart, Richard Foster, Jamie Atkins, Jamie Hughes, Nigel Heydon, Mark Strong, Mark Westgarth, Noel Grant, Rob Hawker, Tom Aldridge, William Naylor, Men’s ‘B’:- Antony Allen, Carl Green, Dave Harris, Jimmy Hill, Red Evetts, Matt Edgar, Michael Spencer, Paul Deslandes, Prakash Jiwa, Simon Power, Steve Ward, Tom McGlone, , Reserves:- Dan Green, Dane Vickers, Dave Atkins, Kevin Dowling, Mark Archer, Mark Carter, Steve Hine, Women’s ‘A’:- Trina Gulliver, Angela Jones, Denise Keyte, Melanie Hill, Sue Gulliver, Wendy Adams, Women’s ‘B’:- Lisa Whitmore, Lucy Keyte, Kat Spanswick, Kerry Bambridge, Kirsty Haw, Nina Bolt, Reserves:- Donna Pinch, Caroline Pike, Marian Conway, Sue Sandher.


In division two of the BDO Inter County Championships West Midlands will travel to the capital to take on high riding and second in the promotional table London who are 14 points ahead of West Midlands who are in fifth place, so promotion for West Midlands is not actually impossible but very improbable as they would have to chalk up a big win over London plus Sussex and Berkshire would have to lose.

Playing the final game of the campaign are, Men’s ‘A’:- Avtar Singh, Chris Mason, Danny Coyle, Paul Price, Ian Jones, John Platt, Keith Allman, Mark Craddock, Mark Rollinson, Micky Baker, Richard Platt, Shaun Carroll, Men’s ‘B’:- Ashe Kyhatt, Chris Stanley, Gary Watts, Glen Cullen, Gavin Baker, Karl Hughes, Jamie Barrowman, Matthew Dicken, Mark Watkiss, Rob Smith, Rob Thompson, Sam Guest, Reserves:- Chris Read, Martin Angell, John Mycock, John Morris, Simon Meredith, Women’s ‘A’:- Kim Fellows, Lisa Astbury, Debbie Loon, Kath Jenkins, Gemma Barrett, Heather Wright, Women’s ‘B’:- Samantha Maiden, Jacqueline Maiden, Sophie Singh, Claire Hobbs, Wendy Waine, Sarah Roberts.


So close was the premier division title in the Sheldon and District Winter League that The Lyndon actually won the title with the very last leg of the very last game of the season. Playing away to Langley Hall Sports and Social Arrows who are in the bottom four of the table, Lyndon won the tie 5-4 to give them 36 points two more than runners up Crown at Olton who won their home tie with George V 6-3 to finish with a far superior average than Lyndon, but it’s points that count.

The division one title could not have been any closer as a 6-3 win over Highwood KB’s gave Castle Vale Stadium the title with 30 points, the same number by which Banbury Club took the runners up prize after their similar 6-3 win against Marston Green Tavern.

In division two an 8-1 win at Ridgemere Social gave Crown-Forget-Me-Not 36 points and the title, the biggest battle was for the runners up spot which was won by Sheldon Marlborough Flights, their 6-3 win at Shirley RBL Misfits seeing them finish on the same 32 points as Maggies, who had a closer 5-4 win over Langley Hall Sports and Social Flights but Marlborough had the better average.

Full Results:Week 22:Premier Division:- Crown at Olton 6 (J.Sidwell 100,135, M.Wall 100, B.Nixon 100,105, P.Yardley 135,105, I.Spencer 140,100, D.Duncan 100) George V 3 (C.Horsley 101b, A.Savage 174,140, C.Grimes 100), The Pirates 8 (K.Green 180, S.Hughes 140, M.Naylor 100, D.Jackson 2×100) Sheldon Dukes 1 (P.Sunner 103b,100, S.O’Donnell 100, L.Molyneux 140,100, M.O’Donnell 140,105b), Mackadown Social 3 (A.Kavanagh 100,100b, D.Young 100b,135f,9 darts game, M.Heaven 121,2×100, G.Tegg 140, M.Noonan 101b,100, B.Allen 100,120b, A.Sheen 100) Crown at Shard End 6 (D.Cherry 2×100, P.Shipley 140b, K.Deeley 100,2x108b,140, N.Parsonage 2×100, M.Cooper 100,125f, J.Prince 2×100, K.Reynolds 114), The Raven 6 (T.Whitehouse 138, D.Keatley 136b, S.Whatmore 100,121, J.Dunn 2×100,120b, R.Earl 125, D.Mortiboys 100,107b) Willclare Sports and Social 3 (B.Dixon 100, M.Holt 120, D.Reid 112b,2×100, R.Allen 2×100), Langley Hall Sports and Social Arrows 4 (S.Nixon 100,101, J.Carter 140,100b, A.Barnfield 2×100, L.Nixon 100,100b, S.Bromley 100, C.Round 100,140) The Lyndon 5 (R.Lucas 2×100, S.Harding 100b,100, A.Daly 2×100, S.Darby 100,133, J.Buckingham 127, T.Daly 107b, P.Henderson 2×100), Division One:- Banbury Club 6 (P.Connolly 2×100,112b, T.Frost 2×100,136, J.Moss 134), Marston Green Tavern 3 (T.Randell 180), Castle Vale Stadium 6 (D.Phillips 100, J.Frost 100,125, J.Burdett 112b,100, G.Taylor 108, B.Charlton 2×100,103b, W.Cadby 105b, D.Savage 100,105, R.Franks 100b) Highwood KB’s 3 (T.Constable 116,100, W.Cooper 100, N.Wykes 180,100, T.Hobbis 2×100, A.Cooke 2×100, N.Hexley 129f,100), Sheldon Heath Social 8 (R.Cooper 100, M.Tilley 135, C.Roberts 100, D.Sudbury 2×100, C.Cotter 100) Iron Horse 1 (J.Evans 103,100, R.Parry 100, P.Lewin 107), Division Two:- Maggies 5 (J.O’Connor 100, R.Molloy 121) Langley Hall Sports and Social Flights 4 (M.Slatcher 2×100, S.Wasley 100), Ridgemere Social 1 (D.Jones 2×100, P.Fielding 112b,125, C.Smiths 140, A.Phipps 100, D.Davies 100,140,    M.Charlton 100) Crown-Forget-Me-Not 8 (P.Seadon 100b, S.Gardiner 100), Small Heath Amateur Gardeners 5 (C.Hughes 100b,120, S.Miller 100, A.Wale 101, D.Brown 125, D.Hykin 121, A.Sleath 120b,100) Greville Arms 4 (T.Jones 105b,100, M.Stansfield 114, J.Cocchi 140, A.Hawkins 100, P.Thorley 100), Shirley RBL Misfits 3 (B.Farrow 100, T.Dixon 100, K.Bygrave 101b, R.Randle 100,105, D.Rutter 100) Sheldon Marlborough Flights 6 (A.Eden 120b, K.Sailsbury 100, P.Brown 101b,156b,100,8 darts game, N.Rughani 100,119).


The South Birmingham League have been engaged in various finals and taking the Captains Cup title was J.Buttle (The Trident) with S.Kingdon (St John’s) runner up. D.Clinton (St.John’s) won the Secretary’s Cup with a close 3-2 verdict over B.Anderton (Poachers Pocket) in the final.

The final of the Roy Parry Cup was another close affair with Crown at Shard End just getting the 5-4 edge on St John’s, while the Roy Parry Consolation Cup final saw Coleshill Social beat Punchbowl 6-3.

Full Results:Captains Cup:Semi Final:- J.Whitehouse  (The Raven) 1 S.Kingdon (St John’s) 3 (112,2×100), J.Buttle (The Trident) 3 (100,135) P.Round (Toby Jug) 0, Final:- S.Kingdon 0 J.Buttle 3 (100b), Secretary’s Cup:Semi Final:- D.Clinton (St John’s) 3 (2×100) B.Blair (Toby Jug) 0, B.Anderton (Poachers Pocket) 3 (100) D.Mortiboys (The Raven) 2 (3×100), Final:- D.Clinton 3 (100,140) B.Anderton 2 (100), Roy Parry Cup:Final:- St John’s 4 (A.Aston 100, B.Harris 102,177,125, S.Whatmore 100, W.Yates 150b, D.Clinton 140, D.Kingdon 100) Crown at Shard End 5 (S.Hazlett 100, P.Shipley 120b,125, N.Parsonage 2×100, A.Hoey 100, J.Prince 105), Roy Parry Consolation Cup:Final:- Coleshill Social 6 (L.Robinson 164f, 9 darts game, S.Harvey 135, S.Sweetman 2x120b,100, P.Bryant 100,140, B.Jones 111) Punchbowl 3 (M.Tollis 112b,100, B.Evans 100, D.Whitehouse 119,120b, N.Robinson 100,140, K.Richards 100, D.White 2×100, K.White 100, M.Turner 120b).


The Forest of Arden Summer League has got underway and the early leaders in division one are Riley’s Red Arrows, who apart from Highwood KB who are yet to play a game, are the only unbeaten team with two wins in the opening two games.

In the second division Crown Arrows have a perfect four points but are closely followed by Chelmsley Town and New Inns who have both played and won just one game.

Full Results:Week 1:Division One:- Journeys End 5 (D.Duncan 125,121, Sheldon Marlborough Arrows 2 (A.Eden 100, D.Flynn 120) Iron Horse 2 (J.Evans 110, J.Green 140,105,100,101b), Riley’s Red Arrows 5 (A.Foulkes  156b,100, N.Harris 100, J.Harris 125,120b), Greville Arrows 3 Highwood ‘C’ 4, Division Two:- Highwood Exiles 1 (R.Harrison 100) Chelmsley Town 6 )J.MacDonald 125,100,108b, I.Robinson 132,100f), Sheldon Marlborough Flights 3 (M.Jenkins 140, K.Sailsbury 105b, M.Murrin 100) Crown Arrows 4 (R.Vann 2×100,101b, K.White 100,135, D.White 142b), Crown Flights 4 (P.Carter 100,121, M.Bown 108f, J.Gaskin 100) Ivy Leaf 3 (R.Jelley 107b,116, T.Clinton 100,100b), Week 2:Division One:- Riley’s Red Arrows 4 (A.Foulkes 116b,101b,100, N.Warner 100,125, B.Twist 100) Journeys End 3 (A.Edwards 100, L.Barberan 2×100,100f, P.Shipley 120b, J.Jennings 2×100), Highwood ‘C’ 3 (T.Constable 100,121, T.Arrowsmith 137, J.King 100) Sheldon Marlborough Arrows 4 (P.Jones 150b,100, M.Cox 122f,174, D.Howlett 180,100,140), Division Two:- New Inns 4 (B.Scott 100,140, M.Farquarson 100) Crown Flights 3 (J.Gaskin 2×100), Crown Arrows 5 (D.White 2×100, R.Vann 100,180, R.Perkins 2×100) Greville Arms 2 (T.Jones 100, D.Hudson 100, M.Osbourne 100b), Sheldon Marlborough Flights 3 (M.Jenkins 100, K.Sailsbury 120b,2×100, J.Vaughan 100, N.Rughani 110,100) Highwood Exiles 4 (R.Harrison 135,100, J.Phipps 132, D.Carey 100).


The Bully Boys have lost pole position in the Winmau Centre Monday Night League at the Wolverhampton Sports Arena after being held to a 24-24 draw by John’s Klan who are third in the table. Taking over the number one spot are The Untouchables who had a comfortable 40-8 win against Not So Far Travellers to give them 559 points which is seven more than Bully Boys.

Eddie Gripton, Wayne Horton and Ben Forrest all hit their first maximums of the season.

Full Results:- Cupid Stunts 43 Double Trouble 5, What’s The Point 38 Keep It In The Family 10, Here For The Beer 7 John’S Klan 41, Make Mine A Double 22 Mad House 26, Misfits 24 Bully Boys 24, Not So Far Travellers 8 The Untouchables 40.


Will Naylor has gone from fourth to top of the Kingstanding Double Top League with 26 points from 15 games, second placed Pat Koyce has captured some notable scalps in his recent games beating former leader Chris Packer 4-2 and inflicting a first loss on Barry Stephens when he won 4-1 to put him just one point behind Naylor with a game in hand.

Full Results:Week 6:- John Morris jnr 2 Scott Alexander 4, Jim Frost 3 Chris Turnbull 3 (130f), Dale Savage 0 Tony O’Kereke 4, Mike Mcfall 4 Brendan Lysaght 1, Barry Stephens 1 (160b) Pat Koyce 4 (160b), Will Naylor 3 (3×100) Matt Gallett 3 (100), Paul Cummins 4 (108b,9 darts game) Ryan Barritt 1, John Morris jnr 0 (2×100) Jim Frost 4 (2×100,140), Will Naylor 4 Dale Savage 0, Chris Turnbull 0 Pat Koyce 4 (160b,120b,4×100,180), Barry Stephens 3 Adam Gallett 3, Adam Gallett 4 (160b,105,120) Scott Alexander 1, Week 7:- Paul Cummins 3 (108b,100) Matt Gallett 3 (180,8 darts game), Luis Barberan 4 (120b,117b,102,125) Dave Harrison 1 (101b,100,114), Luis Barberan 4 (2x120b,2×100) Daniel Munge 0, Matt Gallett 3 (124b,4×100,3×140) Mike Mcfall 3 (109b,4×140,3×100), Will Naylor 4 (152b) Chris Turnbull 1, Mike Mcfall 4 (150f) Jim Frost 1 (3×140), Mike Mcfall 4 Dale Savage 0, AdamGallett 4 (180) Steve Cain 0, Daniel Munge 1 (148b) Brendan Lysaght 4 (140), Barry Stephens 3 Will Naylor 3, Chris Packer 2 (115b) Pat Koyce 4 (112b), Jim Frost 4 (2×100) Tony O’Kereke 0 (100), John Morris jnr 4 Adam Gallett 2, Brendan Lysaght 4 (160b,7darts game) Paul Cummins 2, Chris Turnbull 1 Will Naylor 4 (152b), Will Naylor 4 Luis Barberan 1, Tony O’Kereke 0 Pat Koyce 4, Mike Mcfall 4 (152b,180) Steve Cain 0, Adam Gallett 4 (160b) Dale Savage 0.


Apart from fifth placed Bird ‘A’ (Stourbridge) who had a bye this week in the Stourbridge and District Monday Night League all of the other teams in the top eight won. Ashwood maintain their four points lead at the top over second placed Ten Arches who in turn are six points ahead of third in the table Britannia.

Full Results:Week 31:- Bird (Wordsley) 3 Church Tavern 6, Stourbridge RBL 5 Shrubbery Cottage 4, Bird ‘A’ (Stourbridge) 8 Gigmill 1, Crestwood 1 Britannia 8, Corn Exchange 5 Plough 4, Brickmakers Arms 8 Quarry Bank Conservative Club 1, Ashwood 7 The Fox (Lye) 2, The Cat (Wordsley) 4 Kingswinford Conservative Club 5, New Inns 3 Ten Arches 6.


Wins for the top three teams in the Brierley Hill Monday Night League, leaders Dudley Sports ‘C’ winning 6-3 at Tenth Lock while second placed Bridge ‘B’, who only trail behind the leaders on average reduced the gap slightly with an 8-1 win over Dog and Lamppost ‘A’.

Dudley Sports ‘A’ dropped down three places to seventh after their 5-4 defeat away to Liberal Club who are fifth from bottom of the table.

The league wish to pass on their condolences to the family of Jimmy Jay, a well known Pensnett and Brierley Hill league player who sadly passed away in the early hours of Monday 18th May.

Jimmy played his last Monday night league game on the 9th February for the Blue Brick at the grand old age of 84 he was a true gentleman who will be sadly missed by all who knew him.

Full Results:Week 17:- Tenth Lock 3 Dudley Sports ‘C’ 6, Black Horse 3 High Acres 6, Portway 5 Roebuck 4, Dudley Sports ‘B’ 6 Griffin 3, Bridge ‘B’ 8 Dog and Lamppost ‘A’ 1, Bulls Head (Netherton) 7 Old Star 2, Dog and Lamppost ‘B’ 4 Bridge ‘A’ 5, Liberal Club 5 Dudley Sports ‘A’ 4, Rose and Crown (Brierley Hill) 6 Brickmakers Arms 3, The Swan 4 Blue Brick 5.


With only a couple more fixtures to play Court Oak took their unbeaten run in the Kings Norton League to 20 games with a 4-3 home win over Stirchley United giving them a six points lead and a game in hand on second in the table Toby Jug ‘A’ who handed out a 7-0 whitewash to their hosts Kings Heath Cricket Club.

Full Results:- Court Oak 4 (A.Hykin 100,120b,165, C.Burke 137, K.Bedder 100,100b,101b, V.Gould 2×100,119, J.Hykin 140,120b,138f, G.Dews 112b) Stirchley United 3 (A.Taylor 2×140,100b, C.Price 102b,142b,114f, K.Mason 2×100,100b, M.Bathurst 100,140,9 darts game), Toby Jug ‘B’ 5 (R.Packer 2×100, J.Ford 2×100, M.Pierce 100) Hillyfields ‘B’ 2 (D.Singleton 100,101, R.Jones 100, J.Eades 100), Kings Heath 0 (D.Parish 100, N.Pearce 116) Toby Jug ‘A’ 7 (S.Hodges 132, S.Ward 121, S.Knowles 100,130, J.Grainger 125, R.Higgins 100,140, A.Faulkner 2×100), Hillyfields ‘A’ 6 (M.Poolton 2×100, A.Harvey 100,126,121,10 darts game, A.Vaughan 100, K.Vaughan 115) Dingle 1 (M.Bennett 100), Kings Norton Ex Serviceman’s 5 (D.Whitcombe 100, S.Corbett 115b, K.Gater 106,140, Peter Corbett 140, L.Phillips 100, D.Bloomer 100,121) Cotteridge 2 (Matt Ivory 113, J.O’Neill 2×100, M.Elleis 100, J.Isham 2×100), Navigation 0 (S.Craven 101b,105b) West Heath 7 (T.Corbett 120,120b, A.Sutton 2×100,120, T.Shipley 100b, S.Deeley 100,100b, D.Peace 100,100b, C.Micklewright 100, K.Hall 100).


Mick O’Neill’s latest games in the Winmau Centre Thursday Night Champions League have seen him beat Rob Pierce 6-1 and lose 4-3 to Kevin Harris, but despite the defeat O’Neill has taken over the number one spot with a total of 65 points from 12 games.

Dean Marshall and Kristen Bircher are both three points behind O’Neill and have also played the same number of games while fourth in the table Kevin Harris, who like Marshall and Bircher is also on 62 point’s but from only ten games.

Full Results:- Kevin Harris 3 Kristian Wharton 4, Mick O’Neill 6 Rob Pierce 1, Neil Rickuss 0 Andy Whale 7, Kenny West 3 Kristian Wharton 4, Rob Montana 6 Chris Fox 1, Matthew Barnfather 1 Robe Pierce 6, Tam Singh 3 Liam Whale 4, Kristen Bircher 6 Adam Hill 1, Kristian Wharton 3 Rob Harris 4, Rob Montana 4 Euan McGovern 3, Tam Singh 0 Kristian Wharton 7, Kenny West 3 Andy Whale 4, Liam Whale 1 Matthew Barnfather 6, Neil Rickuss 0 Adam Hill 7, Kristen Bircher 6 Euan McGovern 1, Dean Marshall 5 Chris Fox 2, Kevin Harris 7 Ant West 0, Ant West 0 Rob Harris 7, Mick O’Neill 3 kaevin Harris 4, Liam Whale 4 Rob Harris 3, Chris Fox 3 Rob Pierce 4, Kevin Harris 6 Adam Hill 1, Dean Marshall 5 Rob Harris 2.


Pensnett Welfare Club lost ground in the Brierley Hill Friday Night League title race after surprisingly losing 5-4 away to seventh in the table The Bell, the two teams above them, Miners (Wollescote) who head the table (26 points) won 5-4 at Bulls Head (Netherton) and second placed Brickmakers Arms (24 points) won 6-3 at Dudley Sports ‘A’, Welfare are on 22 points as are Netherton Cricket Club.

Full Results:Week 16:- Netherton Cricket Club 5 The Bridge 4, Dudley Sports ‘A’ 3 Brickmakers Arms 6, The Bell 5 Pensnett Welfare Club 4, Bulls Head (Netherton) 4 Miners (Wollescote) 5, Mitre 2 Pensnett Liberal Club 7, Roebuck 1 Dudley Sports ‘B’ 8.


This coming Friday (29th May) a brand new league “The Winmau Super Star of Darts League” will be getting underway at the Winmau Darts Centre, Wolverhampton.

The league will be made up of sixteen teams, each team consisting of four players, games will be 301 start and finish on a double.

For an entry of just £3.00 per player there will be cash prizes paid out from first to last with all monies paid in being paid out.

There is still time to enter so don’t miss this great opportunity to play in yet another unique and winning formula by the Winmau Centre, register now at the Wolverhampton Sports Arena, Racecourse Road, Wolverhampton, WV6 0QU, or for further information give the arena a ring on 01902-420827, alternatively you can send an e-mail to info@wolverhamptonsportsarena.co.uk or visit www.wolverhamptonsportsarena.co.uk/reddragonsingles


A final reminder that this coming Sunday 31st May Riley’s Snooker Bar, Solihull will be hosting the Forest of Arden / Riley’s Solihull Open. Entry to the knockout is just £5 and all players at whatever standard are welcome to enter. There will be a guaranteed £100 for the winner with registrations being accepted from 1.00pm to 1.45pm on the day with a 2.00pm start, for advanced entries contact Brian Twist on 07768-838384 or e-mail Brian at brian.twist@foadartsleague.co.uk alternatively call in at the Solihull club and speak to a member of staff.

Format for the main competition is best of five legs of 501 the semi finals will go to the best of seven and the final best of nine.

In addition to the above there will also be a First Round Losers Competition.


Dewdrop continue to set the pace in the Hilltop Friendly Tuesday Night League their latest fixture seeing them win 6-1 away to fourth in the table Sportsman. Old Hop Pole who are second in the table six points behind the leaders with three games in hand won 5-2 at Tipton Sports and there was a win also for third placed The Vine who won 4-3 at home to Ivy Bush.

Full Results:- Jolly Collier 4 Island Inn 3, Horsley Tavern 1 Sow and Pigs 6, Sportsman 1 Dewdrop 6, Hayes Social 4 Merry-Go-Round 3, The Vine 4 Ivy Bush 3, Tipton Sports 2 Old Hop Pole 5.


The Cradley Tuesday Night League have played the early round of their Doubles Knockout and winning through to the quarter finals were J.Sharratt & R.Humphries (Crown ‘B’), N.Walters & I.Vincent (Gate Hangs Well), J.Lowe & L.Eaves, A.Ghaley & M.Tedstone (Crown ‘A’), R.Duncan & M.Greenwood (The Vine), A.Dimmock & T.Nock (Wheatsheaf), N.Cooper & J.Batham (Brickmakers Arms), S.Goodwin & A.Apati (Bulls Head).

Full Results:- Members Club ‘A’ 3 Crown ‘A’ 6, Crown ‘B’ 3 White Horse 6, Roost ‘A’ 4 Bulls Head 5, Brickmakers Arms 7 Netherton Sports and Social ‘A’ 2, Chop House 5 Plough and Harrow 4, Crown (Simms Lane) 2 The Vine 7, Wheatsheaf 7 Members Club ‘B’ 2.


Some big scores in the Camp Hill League this week as Scruffy Ringers and Journeys End in turn beat Wagon and Lions 6-1 plus 5-2 wins for both Cotterills Lane Club and Holy Gulp against Devil’s Club and Horses.

Full Results:- Wagon 1 Scruffy Ringers 6, Journeys End 6 Lions 1, Holy Gulp 5 Horses 2, Devil’s Club 2 Cotterills Lane Club 5.


The Small Heath Completed their season with the final of their League Cup a contest between Wagon and Horses and Cobs Bar both sides looking to win some silverware after seeing the league title evade them

Wagon and Horses stormed into an unassailable 5-1 lead, Cobs Bar made the result a little more respectable 5-4 by winning the final three games.

Full Results:Cup:Final:- Wagon and Horses 5 (M.looby 100, J.O’Connor 100,100b, R.Ingram 139) Cobs Bar 4 (A.Lattimer 100, R.Pikey 100,110f,120b, W.Johnson 100, L.Stanton 100, T.Humphries 121).


Court Oak slipped one place to third in the Harborne League following their 5-4 demise away to Hillyfields ‘A’ who top the table with 18 points but only on average from West Heath Snooker Club who had an impressive 8-1 home win over Weoley Castle WMC, Court Oak are two points adrift of the leading duo.

Full Results:-Week 11:- Avenue Flights 7 Avenue Social 2, Hillyfields ‘A’ 5 Court Oak 4, West Heath Snooker Club 8 Bartley Green 1, Weoley Castle WMC 2 Hillyfields ‘B’ 7, Smethwick Labour Club 5 Abbey 4.


The Stourbridge and District Wednesday Night League have played their opening three fixtures and only newcomers to the league Gornal Conservative Club and Ashwood ‘A’ are able to boast a 100% win record, the former heading the table by just one leg of average.

Full Results:Week 3:- Ashwood ‘A’7 Queens 0 (G.Billingham 130b), The Bell 6 (G.Cartwright 120b,104f, K.Cooksey 105b) The Swan 1, Gornal Conservative Club 6 Netherton Cricket Club 1, Ten Arches ‘B’ 4 (A.Edgar 2x120b, L.Law 157f) Ashwood ‘B’ 3 (S.Skidmore 100b, M.Westwood 101b, D.Cartwright 120b,117b), Dudley Sports 5 The Leopard 2, High Acres 5 The Fox (Lye) 2, Wombourne Cricket Club 6 Ten Arches ‘A’ 1.


Just one fixture played in the Halesowen Monday Night Ladies League which was a battle of the bottom two teams Townsend and Hare and Hounds, the outcome was a 5-2 win for Townsend to lift them two points above The Widders who drop to next to bottom, Hare and Hounds remain at the foot of the table without a win in seven games. There was some joy however for Hare and Hounds as they did win the Captains Cup game.

Full Results:- Townsend 5 Hare and Hounds 2, Captains Cup:- Hare and Hounds beat Townsend.


The Pip Club League staged the semi finals of their divisional cups and in division one there were wins for Bulls Head ‘A’ (Polesworth) and Two Gates Club in turn at the expense of Prince of Wales and Bulls Head (Two Gates).

In the division two games J W Belgrave and Royal Oak will meet each other in the final after defeating respective opponents Globe ‘A’ and Bulls Head ‘B’ (Polesworth).

Full Results:Belgrave Cup:Division One:- Bulls Head ‘A’ beat Prince of Wales, Two Gates Club beat Bulls Head (Two Gates), Division Two:- J W Belgrave beat Globe ‘A’, Royal Oak beat Bulls Head ‘B’ (Polesworth), Rearranged Divisional Cup:Preliminary Round:Division Two:-  Pip Club beat Gate (Amington).


With wins for the top six teams in division one of the Wolverhampton Tuesday Night League there is no change in the table, while in division two Fordhouses CC lost 6-1 at Woodfield Social and drop one place to third, Whitmore Reans WMC take over second place on average as they have the same 16 points as Fordhouses, Bull, Old Stags Head and Roebuck.

Full Results:Division One:- Ashmore Inn 0 Wednesfied FC 7, Bradmore ‘B’ 3 Village 4, Cabin 6 Merry Boys 1, Chillington Club 3 Penn Bowling 4, Corpus 2 Wednesfield Legion ‘A’ 5, ECC 5 Bradmore ‘A’ 2, Otter and Vixen 3 Riley’s ‘C’ 4, Railway 2 Wednesfield Conservative Club 5, Riley’s ‘D’ 2 Victoria 5, Division Two:- Bird in Hand 1 Pendulum 6, Castle 2 Pheasaant 5, Emerald 3 Riley’s ‘A’ 4, Old Stags Head 4 Three Crowns 3, Red Lion 1 Bull 6, Riley’s ‘B’ 5 Ukrainian Club 2, Wednesfield Legion ‘B’ 5 Boat ‘B’ 2, Whitmore Reans WMC 6 Wednesfield Legion ‘C’ 1, Woodfield Social 6 Fordhouses CC 1.


Winning through round two of the Mile Oak Challenge Cup in the Tamworth League are Fox and Dogs, Old Liberal House, Dolphin ‘A’ and Globe Inn.

Full Results:Mile Oak Challenge Cup:Round One:- Sports Bar 4 Sports Bar ‘180’ 0, Mile Oak Rovers 2 Old Liberal House 4, Dolphin ‘A’ beat Three Tuns ‘A’ (Fazeley), Globe Inn beat Three Tuns ‘B’ (Fazeley), Dolphin ‘B’ beat Belgrave Club via bye, Round Two:- Fox and Dogs 4 Sports Bar 1, Wigginton 2 Old Liberal House 4, Dolphin ‘A’ beat Longwood, Globe Inn beat Dolphin ‘B’, Rearranged Fixture:- Old Liberal House 3 Wigginton 4, Players League:- Jonathon Bagley (Old Liberal House) beat Andrew Brennan (Wigginton).


Despite winning 5-2 in the Tettenhall Wednesday Night League Village Inn have dropped one place in the table to fourth the reason being that Riley’s ‘B’ won 7-0 against Brewood British Legion and go above Village by one leg of average.

The top two teams Riley’s ‘A’ and Otter and Vixen both won and remain tied on the same 24 points with Riley’s just ahead on average.

Full Results:Week 14:- Bull 3 Otter and Vixen 4, Jones Road 2 Moreton 5, Riley’s ‘A’ 6 Dog and Partridge 1, Riley’s ‘B’ 7 Brewood British Legion 0, Village Inn 5 Claregate 2, Woodfield Social 7 Whitmore Reans WMC 0.