A West Midlands Report

In the Four Oaks and District second round of the Brian Goodman Cupdivision two leaders Golden Hind beat third division leaders Anvil Nomads 5-4, while the first divisions top team Red Lion were much too strong for their third division hosts Bishop Vesey and ran out comfortable 8-1 winners.

Sutton Sports won thier tie away to Erdington Stars 6-3, The Fox having a much closer 5-4 verdict at Plough and Arrows.

In the first round of the Ken Rust Cup Boldmere Oak were unable to repeat their previous cup win and lost heavily to Old Oscott WMC 8-1. A depleted Brookvale Social side were unlucky not to hhold on to a 4-2 lead over Golden Hind Arrows and lost the last three games to go out of the cup 5-4.

Full Results:Brian Goodman Cup:Round Two:- Anvil Nomads 4 (N.Harley 105b, M.Kemble 140, D.Walton 112b,100, G.Gaughan 112b,100) Golden Hind 5 (A.Stainfield 100, T.Kelly 140,100,111f, D.Pickering 100, A.O’Kereke 2×100, G.Kimberley 100b,2×100, J.Morris jnr 135,100, J.Dunn 100), Bishop Vesey 1 (N.Sammons 100, S.Holmes 125, J.Dempsey 100, C.Sammons 120b,140, T.Pringle 101, A.France 152b, M.Hall 107f) Red Lion 8 (B.Hughes 100,111, D.G.Bond 120b,100, D.Vickers 105,121, S.Cain 100, M.E.Gaughan 100, T.Colley 140,121f, S.Andrews 100b,100,123, T.Vickers 100b,137), Erdington Stars 3 (L.Shorthouse 100, R.Liggins 100, D.Murray 100, E.D.Jarvis snr 103,2×100, K.Shorthouse 2x120b,119, D.Shannon 105b,100,140, K.Jarvis 100) Sutton Sports 6 (N.Smallwood 100b,120b, B.Linnecor 140, J.Kavanagh 121, L.Harris 140,100, M.Wild 2×100,122f, R.Hawker 134, A.Kimberley 120b, S.Paling 2×100), Plough and Arrows 4 (I.Taylor 112b, M.Hawkins 100,111, P.Smith 100, N.Robbins 120b,140,100, J.Vickers 100) The Fox 5 (A.Jarvie 140, K.Smith 100, R.Stanton 101, N.Napier 101,127, M.Corfield 105b), Ken Rust Cup:Round One:- Boldmere Oak 1 (P.Hawkeswood 102b,100, A.Small 100, C.Hagans 100, P.Bromley 100) Old Oscott WMC 8 (D.Parsons 100b, G.Cornbill 100,140, P.Burgess 100f, J.Tolley 133), Golden Hind Arrows 5 (M.Pearce 100b,132, J.Mahon 2×100, K.Lumby 130, J.Clarke 102b,103,140) Brookvale Social 4 (W.Naylor 110b,100, J.Yates 107, D.Munge 108b, M.Naylor 100,121, S.Lysaght 100).


The two remaining undefeated teams in the Tamworth League, Dolphin ‘A’ and Fox and Dogs, both played away in the most recent fixture and both won 5-2, Dolphin beating Mile Oak Rovers to stay top of the table on 52 points and Fox and Dogs winning against Sports Bar ‘180’ keeping them in third place behind Old Liberal House who are one point ahead on 51 but have played one game more.

It was a good week for three ladies in the players league with wins for Susie Leek (Three Tuns ‘A’, Fazeley) against Rob Taft (Sports Bar), Lyn Hardwick (Three Tuns ‘B’ , Fazeley) against Ian Grylls (Globe Inn) and making up the trio was Debbie Tallis (Mile Oak Rovers) with her win over Ian Turner (Dolphin ‘A’).

Full Results:- Dolphin ‘B’ 1 Old Liberal House 6, Three Tuns ‘A’ (Fazeley) 6 Sports Bar 1, Globe Inn 6 Three Tuns ‘B’ (Fazeley) 1, Sports Bar ‘180’ 2 Fox and Dogs 5, Mile Oak Rovers 2 Dolphin ‘A’ 5, Belgrave Club 7 Longwood 0, Players League:- John Lewin (Dolphin ‘B’) beat Jonathon Bagley (Old Liberal House), Susie Leek (Three Tuns ‘A’, Fazley) beat Rob Taft (Sports Bar), Lyn Hardwick (Three Tuns ‘B’, Fazley) beat Ian Grylls (Globe Inn), Martin Edwards (Fox and Dogs) beat Terry Molineux (Sports Bar ‘180’), Debbie Tallis (Mile Oak Rovers) beat Ian Turner (Dolphin ‘A’), Adam Williams (Belgrave Club) beat Mark DeLeon (Longwood).


The Black Country Premier League staged their Festival Open Knockout which turned out to be a fantastic night of darts with Robert “The Robot” Smith winning the event with a final victory over Ash Hykin.

In addition to the great darts a tremendous amount, in excess of £200 was raised which will go to McMillan Nurses.

Full Results:Preliminary Round:- Dean Moreton beat Ian Greensill, Carl Newton beat Matt Hall, Adam Edgar beat Simon Booton, Jess Archer beat Bryan Burley, Reece Coley beat Grant Jackson, Alf Turley beat Matt Tedstone, Ash Hykin beat Wendy Wilde, Sam Aitkins beat Ray Howell, Round One:- Michael Roberts beat Mark Archer, Robert Smith beat Matt Hadley, Billie Steele beat Jamie Williams, Rich Hosey beat Dave Simpson, Nick Walters beat Richard Lenton, Carl Penzar beat Lee Eaves, A.Coley beat Scotty Roberts, Iain Mathers beat Shea Essom, Lee Sargeant beat Lee Burford, Scott Hykin beat Martyn Clift, Robert Pierce beat Dave Redding, Baz Pearce beat Matt Westwood, Carl Newton beat Dean Moreton, Ash Hykin beat Adam Edgar, Jess Archer beat Sam Aitkin, Reece Coley beat Alf Turley, Round Two:- Robert Smith beat Michael Roberts, Rich Hosey beat Billie Steele, Carl Penzar beat Nick Walters, A.Coley beat Iain Mathers, Scott Hykin beat Lee Sargeant, Robert Pierce beat Baz Pearce, Ash Hykin beat Carl Newton, Jess Archer beat A.Coley, Quarter Finals:- Robert Smith beat Rich Hosey, Carl Penzar beat A.Coley, Robert Pierce beat Scott Hykin, Ash Hykin beat Jess Archer, Semi Finals:- Robert Smith beat Carl Penzar, Ash Hykin beat Robert Pierce, Final:- Robert Smith beat Ash Hykin.