A West Midlands Report

Congratulations to Warwickshire and England player Jamie Hughes on winning the Zuiderduin Masters and pocketing an early Christmas bonus of 5,000 euros.

Jamie kicked off with a tight encounter against Latvian Madars Razma, which he won 5-4 he then won with a more comfortable 5-1 margin against Dutchman Jan Dekker. In the quarter finals he beat Michel Van Der Horst in three straight sets, a game which Jamie himself described as “Scrappy and disappointing”.

The semi finals matched him against his fellow countryman Tony O’Shea who quickly opened up a 2-0 sets lead. Hughes then had to dig deep, but nevertheless survived numerous match darts to go through to the final with a close 3-2 win.

He then took on another of his countryman in the final, Gary Robson, who after a good start in which he took out 135 on the bull in the second leg lost his way and Jamie with an amazing run of fourteen straight winning legs, opened up a 4-0 lead. He then won the final set 3-1 having whitewashed his opponent with a 5-0 scoreline and recording a superb 95.78 average.

Another round of congratulations for Jamie as his recent purple patch on the darts scene has also earned him a sponsorship deal with worldwide darts and darts accessories manufacturers Red Dragon Darts.


With leaders Crown at Shard End having a bye in the premier division of the Sheldon and District Winter League, second placed Crown at Olton took full advantage to draw level on points with them as they won a close 5-4 game away to third in the table The Lyndon, leaving the home team two points adrift of the top two teams.

In division one Banbury Flights had a bye and their nearest rivals Castle Vale Stadium had a 6-3 win over Holy Souls to lift them above Banbury into pole position with the same 14 points as the former leaders but with a superior average.

Division two leaders Crown-Forget-Me-Not continue to be the only team with a 100% win record, their latest success being a 7-2 win at Highwood Exiles to maintain their four points lead at the top over second in the table Maggies, who had a close, but nevertheless vital 5-4 win at Sheldon Marlborough Flights, who are third in the table and four points behind Maggies with two games in hand.

Full Results:Week 10:Premier Division:- The Pirates 5 (K.Green 120b,120,10 darts game, R.Lawrence 2×100, A.Cooksey 140f, N.Jackson 100, T.Booth 100, G.Green 100, D.Hasson 112b,100, M.Turner 120b) George V 4 (S.Edwards 121,100, D.Adams 140,103, J.Savage 100, A.Dews 100,100b,140), Mackadown Social 5 (M.Anwar 100, D.Young 100, G.Tegg 120, M.Heaven 180,125, G.James 100,101b,138, A.Sheen 140) Sheldon Dukes 4 (M.O’Donnell 140, M.Riley 100), The Raven 3 (J.Whitehouse 105,100, A.Stainfield 180,9 darts game,180, S.Whatmore 116b, D.Keatley 2×100, R.Earl 160b,100f,9 darts game,100, A.Whitehouse 135,2×100) Saltley Amateur Gardeners 6 (A.Caddick 2×100,126f,110b, S.Caddick 135, T.White 2×140,123, S.Winters 4×100, T.Webster 100,111f,120b), Langley Hall Sports and Social Arrows 4 (D.Tudor 140,122, P.Nevin 2×100, C.Round 100, B.Carter 100b, M.Barber 2×100) Willclare Sports and Social 5 (B.Dixon 108b, C.Randle 121,105b,125,100, B.Moore 123, M.Holt 2×100, F.Dixon 120b, J.Allen 108), The Lyndon 4 (D.Wright 140, S.Harding 140, P.Stephens 2×100, S.Darby 160b, P.Henderson 112b) Crown at Olton 5 (J.Sidwell 160b,100b,139, K.Attwood 131, S.Kennedy 134, P.Yardley 2×100, B.Nixon 140,100, I.Spencer 100b, P.Nunn 100, D.Duncan 125,100), Division One:- Baldwin Bears 4 (C.Johnson 100,101b) Marston Green Tavern 5 (L.Randell 100, S.Cresser 104,120b), Castle Vale Stadium 6 (J.Frost 102,2×100, L.Barberan 100,118, J.Burdett 125,140, B.Stephens 100,125, I.Lloyd 100,125, G.Taylor 100, R.Franks 140) Holy Souls 3 (T.Evans 100, R.Murray 100, M.O’Sullivan 100,127, R.McCunnell 115b, D.Smiths 107b, J.Lucas 108b,123,10 darts game), Crown Arrows 3 (P.Carter 101b, R.Vann 2×100, C.Vann 125) Highwood KB’s 6 (J.Hobbis 100, T.Constable 100, G.Paggett 100, W.Cooper 123), Yardley Ex Colts 3 (P.Hill 100, B.Law 2×100,125, P.Carey 125, N.Davis 140) Iron Horse Flights 6 (J.Evans 2×100, L.Pearce 102b, T.Rainsford 115, J.Green 120b, F.Ensell 100, R.Parry 100, D.Kilbey 123), Division Two:- Emerald Flights 6 (P.Webster 2×100, P.Hopkins 117,125, A.Fisher 100, A.Burbridge 100, M.Beasley 116, D.Dodd 100) Langley Hall Sports and Social Flights 3 (S.Spencer 100), Highwood Exiles 2 (G.Thomas 100, R.Harrison 115, S.Payne 100, M.Mitchell 125,129) Crown-Forget-Me-Not 7 (P.Seadon 2×100,105, J.Lynch 100,107, J.Stokes 120, B.Steptoe 120b, S.Gardiner 120,2×100), Small Heath Amateur Gardeners 6 (A.Sleath 160b,130) Meadway Sports and Social 3 (S.Bennett 100, D.Delaney 100, S.Davis 134b, R.Housell 2×100), Shirley RBL Misfits 5 (M.Hodgson 2×100,106b, K.Bygrave 140, J.Boyle 100) Greville Arms 4 (P.Thorley 100, A.Hawkins 147, D.Hudson 100, J.Cocchi 101b), Sheldon Marlborough Flights 4 (R.Turner 100, D.Humphries 100, P.Brown 128,100, M.Murren 152f, M.Cox 100) The Maggies 5 (J.O’Connor 100, S.Hall 100, P.Cunningham 125, W.Swaine 100).


The Camp Hill League staged their League and Consolation Cup finals. In the League Cup league runners up Scruffy Ringers lost out to third placed Holly Gulp, while the Consolation Cup title went to The Lions with Devil’s Club the runners up.


It was cup week in the Four Oaks and District League first the second round of their Coronation Shield in which division one side Golden Hind Arrows proved to be far too strong for third division leaders Anvil Nomads as they ran out 10-5 winners. Second division leaders Golden Hind overwhelmed lowly division three side Bishop Vesey 14-1, but it was a different story in the other two games, both finishing with a closer 8-7 margin with wins for Old Oscott Arrows and Old Oscott WMC over respective opponents Sutton Sports and Brookvale Social.

In the first round of the Norman Day Cup C.Packer (Boldmere Sports) had a 105 break plus eight scores of a ton or more but ended up on the losing side as The Beehive won 8-7. Congratulations go to Boldmere Oak on winning their first match of the year, a stylish 9-6 victory over Plough and Arrows.

Maximums were scored by S.Lysaght (Brookvale Social), S.Harvey (The Beehive) and Old Oscott Arrows M.Compton who made it his second of the season.

Full Results:Coronation Shield:Round Two:- Anvil Nomads 5 (D.Walton 122,2×100, T.Tyrie 140,121,2×100, G.Gaughan 120,3×100, N.Harley 3×100) Golden Hind Arrows 10 (R.Hasluck 3×100, J.Clarke 118,135,140, K.Lumby 4×100,121,125, M.Pearce 137,100, J.Mahon 100), Golden Hind 14 (J.Morris jnr 117b,101b,120b,100,140, T.Keatley 100, D.Keatley 100b,120b,3×100, A.Stainfield 100b,100,121,160f, D.Fowler 2×100,121, T.Kelly 5×100,127,140, G.Kimberley 100b,140, A.O’Kereke 100) Bishop Vesey 1 (A.France 120,2×100, S.Holmes 135,100, T.Pringle 100, C.Sammons 100,140), Sutton Sports 7 (M.Ashton 105,5×100, M.Wild 160b,2×100,2×140, A.Kimberley 3×100,140, R.Hawker 120b,3×100,122,120,140, B.Linnecor 125,3×100, J.Kavanagh 100) Old Oscott Arrows 8 (E.Atkins 140,138, C.Andrews 3×100,140, A.Lea  100,113,120f,  M.Compton 100b,3×100,180,125, M.Maher 2×100, D.Page 125,100, A.Mountford 2×100,3×140, M.Page 100), Old Oscott WMC 8 (M.Bowles 120b,100, C.Hawkley 100,3×140,100f, D.Parsons 4×100, N.Hawkley 2×100,140) Brookvale Social 7 (W.Naylor 150b,2x110b,6×100,137,121, M.Naylor 140,109,100, J.Collins 140,100, J.Yates 100, S.Lysaght 180,100,119, D.Munge 2×100), Norman Day Cup:Round One:- Boldmere Sports 7 (C.Packer 105b,5×100,2×140,125, P.A.Seadon 140, J.Frost 140,121, A.Gallett 2×100) The Beehive 8 (N.Clarke 135,131,2×121,100,140, S.Bettson 100, K.Reynolds 108b,5×100, 2×140, S.Harvey 2×100,180, M.Partridge 120b,100, K.Deeley 108b,121), Plough and Arrows 6 (J.Vickers 100, W.Chinn 106b,100, G.Dance 100, I.Taylor 112b,100,111, M.Hawkins 4×100, A.Humphriss 100, N.Robbins 140,125,121, P.Robbins 121) Boldmere Oak 9 (P.Hawkeswood 125,121, P.Bromley 4×100, A.Small 112b,100, D.Byrne 121,140).


Olton Crown took their unbeaten run to seven games in division one of the Forest of Arden Winter League with a 6-3 win over Greville Arrows to keep them four points ahead of second placed Highwood ‘A’ who have just six results so far.

Iron Horse consolidated their pole position in division two by handing out a 9-0 whitewash to their visitors Highwood Exiles. Iron Horse with 14 points are level with second placed Highwood ‘C’, who won 7-2 at Crown Arrows, but have played one game more than the leaders.

The league will once again be staging their Forest of Arden / Riley’s Christmas Open, which will be staged at the Solihull club on Sunday 21st December. For a £5 entry fee there will be a guaranteed £150 for the winner, plus payouts for the runner up and losing semi finalists. In addition there will also be a first round loser’s competition. Registration will be up to 12.30pm on the day with a 1.30pm start.

For any further information contact Brian Twist on 07768-838384, or at brian.twist@foadartsleague.co.uk

Full Results:Division One:- Crown at Olton 6 (J.Sidwell 100b, J.Sidwell 132, D.Duncan 125,100, P.Nunn 2×100, B.Nixon 140, B.Vines 105) Greville Arrows 3 (A.Hawkins 117,100, C.Okey 100,180, K.Duggan 100,180,135,103f), Journeys End 5 (A.Savage 120b, J.Jennings 160b) Harvester 4 (P.Vassey 120b, I.Evans 105b), Ivy Leaf 3 (T.Clinton 140, B.Jelly 100) Riley’s Red Arrows 6 (B.Twist 123, A.Foulkes 100, D.Howlett 105,136 140, B.Allen 120b,122), Division Two:- Crown Arrows 2 (R.Perkins 140, R.Vanns 116,105b,100, K.White 100, C.Vann 135, D.White 140) Highwood ‘C’ 7 (S.Page 100,105, T.Comerford 119,105b, T.Arrowsmith 3×100,120), Iron Horse 9 (R.Earl 120b, J.Green 140,100, T.Rainsford 122, R.Parry 123, F.Ensell 100) Highwood Exiles 0 (R.Harisson 100).


Sportsmans Rest had a tough away fixture in the Aston League, when they travelled to take on third in the table and unbeaten in six games, Kingstanding Ex Serviceman’s, however the journey was well worth while as they returned with a 6-3 win to put them top of the table on 16 points, two ahead of second placed Red Lion, who won their game at Aston Social 7-2, they have a game in hand on the leaders but are well behind on average.

Full Results:Match 8:- Aston Flights 1 (G.Lynch, 100,109f, T.Andrews 119, M.Price,125) Kingstanding Ex Serviceman’s Club 8 (A.Kimberley 115b,129, J.Burdett 140, T.O’Kereke 120b, A.Mountford 112b,131, B.Lysaght 140, C.Turnbull jnr 101b,136, D.Munge 100,105f), Cross Keys 6 (D.Mealey 100, D.Boyle 140, J.Gavin 103) Aston Social 3 (J.J.Armstrong 105b,120b,100, A.Criddle 100), Red Lion 6 (D.Vickers 140, T.Colley 100, B.Hughes 120,100, C.Hawkley 140, T.Vickers 125) Oscott Social 3 (D.Shannon 2×100, K.Shorthouse 100, P.Graham 100, L.Shorthouse 112b, S.Davey 100), Safe Harbour 2 (T.Denneny 121, P.Donovan 125,121, P.Morris 110b, K.Brush 100, D.Pickering 120, G.Oldfield 140) Castle Vale 7 (S.Wilson 100, G.Taylor 100, C.Winters 100, C.Millward jnr 140, M.Archer 100,140, C.Millward snr 120b, M.Corfield 123), Sportsmans Rest 8 (D.Keatley 2×100, P.Koyce 124, J.Frost 101, T.Kelly 100, A.Whitehouse 100) Mitre 1 (I.Jones 120b, D.Hasson 100, K.Green 115b,100, S.Hughes 121, J.Buttle 100b,100), Match 9:- Aston Social 2 (R.Bazeley 125, J.Armstrong 140) Red Lion 7 (L.Vickers 180,100, B.Hughes 121), Mitre 3 (S.Hipkiss 112b, N.Jackson 100) Cross Keys 6 (R.Snelson 125, James Gavin 120b, P.Dunn 140, D.Clarke 100,140, A.Brookes 2×100, J.Gavin 100), Oscott Social 5 (D.Shannon 105,103b, L.Shorthouse 2×100, S.Davey 100) Safe Harbour 4 (P.Donovan 105, J.Clarke 100, J.Wickett 100b,120, T.Carroll 123,125, P.Morris 116b, J.Verschoyle 100), Castle Vale 6 (S.Wilson 100, G.Taylor 105, M.Birch 100, C.Millward jnr 123, M.Archer 100, C.Millward snr 120b,109,160b, M.Corfield 120, B.Godfrey 100) Heartlands 3 (S.Frost 123, W.Naylor 100,110b,125, J.Frost 100, S.Cain 140), Kingstanding Ex Serviceman’s 3 (J.Morris jnr 135,113, C.Turnbull snr 100, A.Mountford 100, A.Kimberley 100, B.Lysaght 100b, B.Stephens 120b,131, C.Turnbull jnr 100) Sportsmans Rest 6 (J.Dunn 100,137, A.Gallett 100, C.Packer 100,140, P.Koyce 160b,100, A.Whitehouse 100, A.Stainfield 135,100.


The Cradley Tuesday Night League staged their Over Sixties Knockout in memory of former member Des Watton who passed away earlier this year and being as Des was 60 years old, the knockout was only available to the senior players in the league.

Playing at The Gate (Colley Gate) the winner of the event was Alan Dimmock, who beat Brian Pearsall 2-1 in the final, Alan checking out on 118 in third leg to clinch the title.


Rose and Crown (Brierley Hill) dropped on place to fourth in the Brierley Hill Monday Night League when they lost their home tie with High Acres 6-3, High Acres moving up one place to fifth. Bulls Head, Netherton also dropped one place in the table to sixth following their 7-2 defeat by their hosts Blue Brick ‘B’, who are placed seventh.

Full Results:- Rose and Crown (Wordsley) 3 Blue Brick ‘C’ 6, The Swan 4 Bridge ‘A’ 5, Laurel 4 Ivy House (Dudley) 5, Dog and Lamppost 3 Dudley Sports ‘A’ 6, Black Horse 5 Old Star ‘A’ 4, Tenth Lock 7 Liberal Club 2, Portway 8 Brickmakers 1, Dudley Sports ‘B’ 5 Griffin 4, Blue Brick ‘B’ 7 Bulls Head (Netherton) 2, Bridge ‘B’ 6 Roebuck 3, Rose and Crown (Brierley Hill) 3 High Acres 6.


Wombourne Cricket Club were the only losers in the top four teams in the Stourbridge and District Wednesday Night League. Leaders Ten Arches ‘A’, with 38 points had a 7-0 home win over Netherton Cricket Club with S.Mills recording a 160 break for the winners. Second and third placed Ashwood ‘A’ and Ashwood ‘B’ both won 6-1, the ‘A’ team beating The Swan and the ‘B’ side accounting for Wombourne Cricket Club to put them six points ahead of them, the ‘A’ team are four points ahead of the ‘B’ and four points adrift of the leaders.

Full Results:- Match 20:- The Swan 1 Ashwood ‘A’ 6, Dudley Sports 5 Ten Arches ‘B’ 2, The Leopard 0 The Bell 7, Ashwood ‘B’ 6 Wombourne Cricket Club 1, Ten Arches ‘A’ 7 (S.Mills 160b) Netherton Cricket Club 0, Bridge 3 The Fox 4, Rose and Crown 4 Gigmill 3 (L.Kelly 160b).


Springfield Social Club had a crucial 6-3 win over second in the table Netherton Sports and Social to keep them in the number one spot in the Netherton Thursday Night League and one win ahead of their rivals. Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club lost their third place dropping to fifth after a somewhat surprising 6-3 defeat at White Swan who are just three places off the foot of the table. Another team to do well this week were Rose and Crown, who beat The Bell 5-4 and move above them on average, The Bell having a game in hand on their victors.

Full Results:- Springfield Social Club 6 Netherton Sports and Social Club 3, Bulls Head 8 The Widders 1, Pensnett and Bromley 2 Brickmakers 7, Fairfield 8 White Swan 1, White Horse 6 Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club 3, The Bell 4 Rose and Crown 5.


No change at the top of division one in the South Birmingham League as the top two teams Crown-Forget-Me-Not and Crown at Shard End both won 8-1 in turn against Toby Jug and Punch Bowl. Third placed Mackadown Social are on the same eight points as the leading duo trailing on average, their latest fixture seeing them win 6-3 at The Raven.

There were 7-2 wins for Coleshill Social and The Trident, the top two teams in division two, Coleshill taking their unbeaten run to seven games beating Banbury Flights while The Trident defeated Poachers Pocket. The Dog lost third placed to their hosts Smiths Wood Social who beat them 6-3.

Full Results:Division One:- The Raven 3 (J.Evans 100, M.French 100, T.Rainsford 123,100,140, J.Whitehouse 100, R.Earl 120,100, D.Mortiboys 112b, M.Wright 100) Mackadown Social 6 A.Caddick 2×100,137, D.Young 115b, G.Tegg 140, G.James 100, M.Noonan 140, A.Savage 120b,100,180, A.Sheen 113), The Punch Bowl 1 (B.Evans 2×100,125, D.White 102b,100, R.Evans 100, N.Robinson 116b, K.Richards 100, K.White 112b) Crown at Shard End 8 (N.Parsonage 152b,112b,100, M.McFall 112b, M.Cooper 140, T.Evans 2×100,146b, P.Shipley 100, A.Mayell 125, S.Cain 100, D.Smith 118), Toby Jug 1 (R.Lawrence 140, D.Revitt 100,117, B.Blair 125, B.Weir 140,128) Crown-Forget-Me-Not 8 (W.Naylor 100,140, L.Barberan 2×100, B.Cadby 125, M.Anwar 100,124f, T.Pedley 107, R.Liggins 100, C.Millward 100), Division Two:- Smithswood Social 6 (P.Cobley 100,112b, M.Haydon 2×100, M.Bailey 112b) The Dog 3 (J.Ansell 132, S.O’Brien 106, P.Richards 100, M.Wheat 100), The Gate 6 (T.Barrs 2×121,2×100, M.Watts 128, S.Kimberlee 120, K.Russell 140, T.Clay 124) The Kingfisher 3 (R.Sharples 100, P.Holmes 100), Coleshill Social 7 (S.Harvey 101b,160b,100,9 darts game, P.Bryant 117,112b, S.Sweetman 100,112b, L.Robinson 126, G.Jones 112b,121,2×100) Banbury Flights 2 (P.Moran 105b,100,122b), The Trident 7 (K.Green 120b, A.Cooksey 106b, J.Buttle 100,105,120b) Poachers Pocket 2 (B.Anderton 112b,100,9 darts game,  M.Osbourne 100b,100).


The Bird, Wordsley and Bird ‘A’, Stourbridge swapped places in the Stourbridge Monday Night League following the home team Wordsley lost 6-3 to Bird ‘A’ and drop down to seventh, Bird ‘A’ moving up to sixth.

Leaders Ashwood beat bottom of the table Crestwood 7-2 to make it seventeen straight wins and give them a four point’s advantage over second in the table Ten Arches, who won 6-3 at Bird ‘B’ (Stourbridge).

Full Results:- Ashwood 7 Crestwood 2, Quarry Bank Conservative Club 2 Church Tavern 7, New Inns 3 The Cat (Wordsley) 6, Shrubbery Cottage 3 Corn Exchange 6, Bird (Wordsley) 3 Bird ‘A’ (Stourbridge) 6, Bird ‘B’ (Stourbridge) 3 Ten Arches 6, Kingswinford Conservative Club 3 The Fox (Lye) 6, Stourbridge RBL 4 Brickmakers 5.


In the Small Heath League Gulp were quick to bounce back from last week’s surprising defeat by Sheldon Marlborough Flights beating Cob’s Bar, who had returned back to back wins in their last couple of games, 6-3 after the tie stood at 3-3. The win puts Gulp two points ahead of Wagon and Horses, who like Gulp suffered a defeat at the hands of the Sheldon Marlborough Flights as they lost 5-4.

 Bottom of the table Clock Inn took on title chasing Mitre in a tight game that went to the final leg of the match before Mitre confirmed a 5-4 win leaving Clock still without a win in eight games.

In the local derby Emerald Club versus Emerald Flights it was the latter who got the 5-4 result to leave Emerald Club reeling as they suffered their second similar defeat and drop off the pace in the title race.

Full Results:- Gulp Tribe 6 (J.Harris 140, M.Cooper 120,125, J.Phipps 100, S.Moon 100, R.McConnell 132, D.Heighway 140) Cob’s Bar 3 (D.Shakespeare 125, M.Turner 100, A.Lattimer 133, W.Johnson 100, L.Stanton 2×100, G.Haveron 116b,105), Clock Inn 4 (B.Swaine 121, B.Griffiths 100) Mitre 5 (P.Brown 116b,100, J.Frost 100, C.Austin 2×140, S.Hughes 100), Sheldon Marlborough Flights 5 (A.Eden 100b,140, J.Humphries 100, K.Salisbury 101b,100,101f, D.Humphries 137,100, N.Rughani 130, M.Murrin 100F,114,140) Wagon and Horses 4 (C.Murphy 112f, M.Tilley 160b,120b, R.Ingram 119,9 darts game, J.O’Connor 135,2×100, M.Looby 100).


In division two of the Pip Club League bottom of the table Bulls Head ‘B’ (Polesworth) chalked up their first win of the campaign, their first in eight games when they amazingly beat second in the table Pip Club 9-7 to leave Pip Club four points adrift of leaders J W Belgrave who won 10-6 away to third in the table Sports Bar ‘180’who are also on the same ten point’s as Pip Club.

In the league’s new division one Round Robin League Wigginton Arms are the early pacesetters after beating Two Gates Club 7-1, but they are only top on average as Bulls Head ‘A’ (Polesworth) and Wilnecote Club are also on two point’s following their 6-2 wins.

Full Results:Division One Round Robin League:- Wilnecote Club 6 Tamworth Motor Spares 2, Bulls Head (Two Gates) 2 Bulls Head ‘A’ (Polesworth) 6, Two Gates Club 1 Wigginton 7, Division Two:- Globe ‘B’ 8 Globe ‘A’ 8 (Chris Payne 2×180, Michael Thompson 180), Royal Oak 9 Old Liberal 7, Bulls Head ‘B’ (Polesworth) 9 Pip Club 7, Sports Bar ‘180’ 6 J W Belgrave 10, Progressive Club 8 Gate (Amington) 8


The Tamworth League played off the first couple of rounds of their Andrew Evans Memorial Cup and making the last four were, Belgrave Club, Fox and Dogs, Old Liberal House and Longwood.

Full Results:Andrew Evans Memorial Cup:Round One:- Three Tuns ‘A’ (Fazeley) 4  Wigginton 2, Dolphin ‘A’ 3  Fox and Dogs 4, Sports Bar 3 Globe Inn 4, Old Liberal House 4 Dolphin ‘B’ 0, Sports Bar ‘180’ 4 Three Tuns ‘B’ (Fazeley) 1, Round Two:- Belgrave Club 4 Three Tuns ‘A’ (Fazeley) 0, Fox and Dogs 4 Globe Inn 0, Mile Oak Rovers 2 Old Liberal House 4, Longwood 4 Sports Bar ‘180’ 1.