A West Midlands Report

Warwickshire could not have ended the year on a better note as they completed their final 2014 premier division fixture in the BDO Inter County Championships with a win.

Playing at home against Lincolnshire the ladies ‘A’ finished all square at 3-3 with Trina Gulliver (23.12) winning her fourth lady of the match award for the season. The ladies ‘B’ lost 4-2, their top player being Wendy Adams (18.79), to make it three award’s from four games.

It was good news for the men as the ‘A’ team won 8-4, Mark Westgarth the man of the match with a great 30.36 average, while for the ‘B’ side Ashley Hykin took the award with a tremendous 31.81 average in the 7-5 victory.

The 20-16 win sees Warwickshire move up into fourth place in the table, the position they finished in last season, but they are close on the heels of third placed Essex, who are just two points ahead of them.

Full Results:Premier:Division:Warwickshire v Lincolnshire (20-16):(Warwickshire names first):Men’s ‘A’:- Tom Aldridge 1 Dean Baker 4, Noel Grant 4 Shane Lowe 2, Jamie Atkins 4 John Hollis 3, Ian McFarlane 2 Chris Fidler 4, Dave Harris 3 Michael Stocks 4, Mark Carter 4 Gary Blades 3, Mark Strong 4 Lester Wilkinson 1, Rob Hawker 4 Sam Hewson 2, Mark Westgarth 4 Jock Watt 1, Dean Stewart 3 Simon Stainton 4, Jamie Hughes 4 Lloyd Pennell 1, Men’s ‘B’:- Luke Kennedy 4 Martin Richards 0, Tom McGlone 3 Carl Abbiss 4, Antony Allen 4 Steve Hamill 0, William Naylor 4 Ashley Preston 1, Dane Vickers 1 Graham McFarlane 4, Matthew Edgar 4 Jon Bywater 3, Ashley Hykin 4 Richard Selby 0, Paul Deslandes 3 Adam Ward 4, Michael Spencer 3 Andy Bingham 4, Prakash Jiwa 4 Rob Hewson 1, Stephen Ward 2 Shaun Wilson 4, Carl Green 4 Michael Connerton 3, Women’s ‘A’:- Sue Gulliver 2 Tammy Montgomery 3, Angela Jones 2 Dawn Armstrong 3, Denise Keyte 3 Heather Lodge 1, Trina Gulliver 3 Layla Bontoft 0, Kat Spanswick 3 Shelley Bontoft-Gash 1, Melanie Hill 1 Paula Jacklin 3, Women’s ‘B’:- Donna Pinch 1 Julie Lambie 3, Marian Conway 0 Sharon Magan 3, Edwina Holdsworth 2 Lindsey Wingell 3, Lisa Whitmore 1 Laura Tye 3, Caroline Pike 3 Natalie Weston 1, Wendy Adams 3 Dawn Barnard 0.


It was not such a good end to the year for West Midlands in division two of the BDO inter County Championships as they lost their home tie with Berkshire by 19-17.

The only highlight of the weekend was the 7-5 win by the men’s ‘A’, with Sean Carrol (30.08) their award winner. The ‘B’ side who, are still seeking their first win made it three consecutive defeats as they finished on the wrong side of a 7-5 result, Paul Price being their top player with a 25.47 average.

Lisa Astbury (19.99) made it three out of three match awards for the ladies ‘A’ as they lost 4-2, while Christine Banks (19.78) recorded the same feat for the ‘B’ team as they finished all square at 3-3.

Full Results:Division Two:West Midlands v Berkshire (17-19):(West Midlands names first):Men’s ‘A’:- Glen Cullen 2 Terry Stubbs 4, Michael Baker 4 Eddie Simmonds 2, Paul Price 1 John Jamieson 4, Gavin Baker 4 Kevin Morley 3, Danny Coyle 4 Andy Mcneil-Aitken 0, Jonathan Platt 2 Daniel Woodcraft 4, Richard Platt 0 Paul Croucher 4, Sean Carrol 4 Paul Snowsill 1, Mark Rollinson 4 Richard Stride 3, Keith Allman 2 Paul Hogan 4, Nick Fullwell 4 James Turner 2, Ian Jones 4 Jason Heaver 2, Men’s ‘B’:- Mark Allen-Watkiss 0 David Hewlett 3, Jamie Barrowman 0 Andy Wells 3, Paul Price 3 Simon Purvey 0, Justin Evans 3 Callum Grealis 2, Martin Angell 3 William Foot 1, Adam Johnson 2 Ashley Passmore 3, Mark Craddock 2 Joe Lacey 3, Lee Arnold 0 Clive Drinkwater 3, John Mycock 0 Kevan Merritt 3, Gary Watts 3 Luke Woodland 2, Avtar Singh 3 Gary Jones 1, Robert Thompson 1 Steve Shadwell 3, Women’s ‘A’:- Kath Jenkins 3 Amy Smith 1, Kim Fellows 0 Ally Judge 3, Heather Wright 2 Debbie Shadwell 3, Elizabeth Arnold 1 Hayley Croucher 3, Gemma Barrett 1 Jo Rolls 3, Lisa Astbury 3 Jenny Payne 1, Women’s ‘B’:- Jacqueline Maiden 0 Lisa Webb 3, Wendy Waine 3 Louise Grannell 0, Sophie Singh 0 Debbie Connors 3, Claire Hobbs 1 Jackie Walford 3, Christine Banks 3 Kate Denton 0, Samantha Maiden 3 Carole Holroyd 0.


The Beehive had their lead at the top of division one of the Four Oaks and District League reduced when for the first time in seven games they lost, playing away to third in the table Old Oscott Arrows they went down 5-4 after leading 4-2 and as a result have their lead at the top cut to just two points as reigning champions Sutton Sports close in on them with a 6-3 win at Brookvale Social.

Boldmere Sports have been ousted from pole position in division two. After taking a 4-3 lead at Golden Hind they went on to lose 5-4, their hosts taking over from them at the top of the table with a two points lead.

In division three it was top versus bottom as leaders Anvil Nomads returned from Boldmere Oak with a 7-2 result to take their 100% win record to six games.

J.Prince (The Beehive) hit his second 180 of the season and A.Gallett (Boldmere Sports) chalked up his first.

Full Results:Match 7:Division One:- Red Lion 6 (D.Watkins 117, D.G.Bond 100b,100, M.E.Gaughan 101, D.Vickers 100b, S.Andrews 100, T.Vickers 100, S.Cain 121, L.Vickers 133) Golden Hind Arrows 3 (R.Hasluck 100, J.Mahon 100,125, J.Clarke 2×100, K.Lumby 107b,100, M.Pearce 137,140,138), Old Oscott Arrows 5 (R.Kenyon 100, A.Mountford 3×100,110f, E.Atkins 125, L.Jones 100, A.Lea 108b,131,3×100, M.Compton 105b,118,2×100, D.Page 140,110f) The Beehive 4 (K.Deeley 108b,100,113f, J.Prince 100,180, M.Partridge 100b,120b,123,100, T.Reynolds 100, S.Harvey 2×100,138, K.Reynolds 120b,2×100, N.Clarke 100, W.Mynard 140), Brookvale Social 3 (W.Naylor 100b,2×140,2×100, J.Collins 2×140,137) Sutton Sports 6 (B.Linnecor 140, N.Smallwood 140,100, J.Kavanagh 100, A.Kimberley 123,100,125, M.Wild 160b,2×100,122), Division Two:- Golden Hind 5 (G.Kimberley 121, A.O’Kereke 100, J.Morris jnr 2×140, A.Stainfield 131,110f,140,135,8 darts game, J.Dunn 120b,131,132, D.Fowler 140, D.Keatley 2×100,140, T.Kelly 100,112,120,3×140) Boldmere Sports 4 (C.Packer 4×100,137,105, J.Frost 105b, I.Lloyd 109b, A.Gallett 180,125,100, D.Savage 100), Plough and Arrows 6 (P.Smith 120b,121, J.Vickers 120b, P.Robbins 115, A.Humphriss 120b,100, I.Taylor 125,100,140,128f, N.Robbins 105b,115b) Old Oscott WMC 3 (N.Hawkley 140,103, G.Cornbill 100,140, D.Parsons 100,130, C.Hawkley 100), Erdington Stars 6 (E.D.Jarvis snr 100, D.Shannon 125,100, K.Jarvis 2×100, D.Murray 123,140, R.Liggins 140, K.Shorthouse 120b,140) Pint Pot Flights 3 (P.Wilkes 2×100, J.Moon 125,100, M.Bruin 100, M.Pearson-Bagnall 120b,100), Division Three:- Boldmere Oak 2 (P.Bromley 100,140, A.Small 2×100,137, C.Hagans 3×100,123,140) Anvil Nomads 7 (S.Alexander 100, T.Tyrie 120b, M.Kemble 143, G.Gaughan 101,100,128,125), Bishop Vesey 3 (C.Sammons 105b,3×100,117, A.Nicholls 137, D.Sammons 123,100,137,110f, A.France 100, J.Dempsey 4×100, S.Holmes 3×100) Erdington Arrows 6 (J.Cox 2×100,121,140, R.Bazeley 140,100, J.Armstrong jnr 3×100,2x100b, M.Edwards 135), The Fox had a bye.


Crown at Olton suffered their first defeat of the campaign in the premier division of the Sheldon and District Winter League going down by a massive 8-1 at home to The Pirates, a surprising result as Crown are second in the table and Pirates are third from bottom. Crown at Olton are now level on 14 points with The Lyndon (formerly Old Bill and Bull), who won 6-3 at Willclare Sports and Social to leave both teams two points behind leaders Crown at Shard End.

A close 5-4 win against Baldwin Bears keeps Banbury Club in the number one spot in division two, but Castle Vale Stadium are hot on the heels, an 8-1 win at Marston Green Tavern keeping them within two points of the leaders with a game in hand.

Division three’s Crown-Forget-me-Not are the only team in the league with an unbeaten record, their latest fixture seeing them win 8-1 at home to Ridgemere Social to keep them four points ahead of second placed Maggies, who won their home tie with Emerald Flights 5-4.

Full Results:Week 9:Premier Division:- George V 5 (S.Edwards 116,100, J.Savage jnr 125,112, D.Adams 136b,100, P.Wright 117, A.Dews 110f,121) Mackadown Social 4 (D.Young 100, M.Heaven 100, J.Cabena 100, G.James 116b,100, A.Sheen 120b), Crown at Shard End 6 (N.Parsonage 2×100, A.Hoey 140,100,101, P.Shipley 100, K.Deeley 108b, M.Cooper 112b,100,140, A.Mayell 2×100, J.Prince 100,120f) The Raven 3 (D.Keatley 100,125,105, J.Dunn 100, R.Earl 100b, T.Whitehouse 118f,116b), Saltley Amateur Gardeners 6 (N.Clarke 112f,112b, P.Randell 160b, A.Caddick 120b, I.McClean 105b, T.White 121, S.Winters 100, T.Webster 100,101b) Langley Hall Sports and Social Arrows 3 (D.Tudor 120,120b, D.Heath 100,100b, S.Bromley 100,140b, P.Nevin 111b,125, A.Barnfield 140), Willclare Sports and Social 3 (D.Allen  100, D.Reid 2×100, R.Allen 110b, F.Dixon 100) The Lyndon (formerly Old Bill and Bull) 6 (R.Lucas 100, A.Daly 105f,112b, D.Wright 2×100,102f, S.Darby 2×100, P.Stephens 120b, S.Harding 100, P.Collins 100, P.Henderson 121), Crown at Olton 1 (J.Sidwell 2×100,160b, M.Wall 140, S.Kennedy 112b, P.Yardley 100b,101b, B.Nixon 130,134, P.Nunn 100, D.Duncan 100b) The Pirates 8 (W.Naylor 150b,131,100, N.Jackson 100, J.Buttle 105b,114, M.Naylor 110, D.Hasson 100, M.Turner 2×100), Division One:- Marston Green Tavern 1 (P.Parker 100, S.Cresser 100) Castle Vale Stadium 8 (D.Savage 120, J.Burdett 100,140, G.Taylor 100,115, R.Franks 2×100), Holy Souls 6 (M.O’Sullivan 120b,100f, J.Lucas 100, Joey Duffy 120) Crown Arrows 3 (S.Shepherd 115b,140, L.Vann 100, J.Masefield 100), Highwood KB’s 7 (T.Constable 103b, T.Hobbs 100, N.Wykes 120b,100, N.Byrne 100, W.Cooper 119, S.Dixon 100,101) Sheldon Heath Social 2 (T.Roche 132), Banbury Club 5 (B.Evans 140,110b,100, M.Morgan 100, J.Kearney 100, T.Frost 103b,100, P.Connolly 136,128,100, G.Fleetwood 125,152b,100, J.Moss 100, K.O’Connor 114b, L.Reece 140,113) Baldwin Bears 4 (A.Thomas 100, C.Johnson 118, P.Bennett 140, S.West 2×100,140, J.Phillips 100, R.Green 122b, R.Poulter 140,100, M.Cater 100), Division Two:- Langley Hall Sports and Social Flights 5 (M.Slatcher 100, S.Spencer 123) Ridgemere Social 4 (D.Hipkiss 100, D.Jones 100, D.Davies 121,100), Crown-Forget-Me-Not 8 (P.Seadon 2x100b,100, G.Lynch 100, B.Steptoe 100) Small Heath Amateur Gardeners 1 (C.Hughes 140,100, N.Ricketts 140), Meadway Sports and Social 3 (S.Bennett 115, D.Delaney 100, R.Smith 121) Shirley RBL Misfits 6 (T.Dixon 125,121, R.Randle 100, J.Boyle 100), Greville Arms 3 (P.Thorley 140, R.William 123, M.Stansfield 100, G.Rendor 140) Sheldon Marlborough Flights 6 (D.Humphries 105,100, K.Salisbury 180, M.Cox 100, P.Brown 121,136), The Maggies 5 (J.Storey 108b,100, E.Molloy 100, J.O’Connor 125, S.Hall 100, B.Swaine 100) Emerald Flights 4 (P.Webster 140,121), Late Results:Week 8:Division Two:- Shirley RBL Misfits 3 (T.Dixon 133b, J.Boyle 100, K.Bygrave 120) Crown-Forget-Me-Not 6 (W.Griffiths 100, P.Seadon 100, C.Kettlewell jnr  140,100,121, S.Gardiner 125, I.Scattergood 140).


The Cradley Tuesday Night League staged two of their cup finals, the first being the Harry Siviter Memorial Cup which saw the Brickmakers Arms take on The Gate (Colley Gate). The Gate won all three of the doubles games but had finishing problems in the singles and eventually lost 6-3.

In the Wally Fellows Memorial Trophy A.Cowley (Crown ‘A’) narrowly missed a maximum 170 checkout as after scoring two treble twenties he hit the 25 for the bull and then lost his game, nevertheless his side still went on to win 5-4 against Jay’s Bar.


The Wolverhampton Tuesday Night League played off the finals of their doubles knockout and taking the title were Dave Lucas and Paul Bromley (Wednesfield Legion ‘A’) with a final 3-1 win over John Nixon and Dave Edwards form The Victoria.

The league are now looking forward to their 2015 season and are inviting all old and new teams to join them at their AGM on Tuesday 27th January at the Emerald Club, Cross Street, Wolverhampton, which will get underway at 8.00pm. Representatives should have a list of players ready for the meeting.

Anyone requiring any further information should contact Michele Pritchard on 07933-246173.


A 6-2 home win over Bulls Head ‘A’ (Polesworth) has seen Birchmoor Club go from fourth to top of division one of the Pip Club League with nine points, Bulls Head ‘A’ dropping from pole to fourth place.  Wilnecote Club are close behind with eight points after their convincing 7-1 win at Wigginton.

J W Belgrave lead division two, an 11-5 win over Gate (Amington) putting them two points ahead of second placed Pip Club, who beat Progressive Club 9-7.

Sports Bar ‘180’ dropped one place to third a 9-7 defeat at Old Liberal their second defeat in seven games, Old Liberal move up one place to fifth.

Full Results:Division One:- Wigginton 1 Wilnecote Club 7, Birchmoor Club 6 (Mark Young 161f) Bulls Head ‘A’ (Polesworth) 2, Bulls Head (Two Gates) 4 (Chris Forsyth 180,Mark Slater 180) Tamworth Motor Spares 4, Division Two:- Globe ‘B’ 7 Royal Oak 9, Bulls Head ‘B’ (Polesworth) 4 Globe ‘A’ 12, Old Liberal 9 Sports Bar ‘180’ 7 (Terry Molimeux 180,107f), Pip Club 9 Progressive Club 7, JW Belgrave 11 (Nigel Groves 180) Gate (Amington) 5 (J.Bones 180).


Dolphin ‘A’ go from third to top of the Tamworth League following their 6-1 win away to bottom team Three Tuns ‘B’ (Fazeley) and the demise of former leaders Old Liberal House, who lost their home game with Three Tuns ‘A’ (Fazeley) 4-3. Reigning champions Fox and Dogs had a 5-3 win over Belgrave Club to leave them in second place with 42 points, the same as Old Liberal House and two less than Dolphin ‘A’.

Full Results:- Old Liberal House 3 Three Tuns ‘A’ (Fazeley) 4, Wigginton 3 Globe Inn 4, Sports Bar 3 Sports Bar ‘180’ 4, Three Tuns ‘B’ (Fazeley) 1 Dolphin ‘A’ 6, Fox and Dogs 5 Belgrave Club 2, Mile Oak Rovers 7 Longwood 0, Players League:- Jonathon Bagley (Old Liberal House) beat Susie Leek (Three Tuns ‘A’, Fazeley), Ian Grylls (Globe Inn) beat Andy Brennan (Wigginton), Rob Taft (Sports Bar) beat Terry Molineux (Sports Bar ‘180’), Lyn Hardwick (Three Tuns ‘B’, Fazeley) beat Ian Turner (Dolphin ‘A’), Martin Edwards (Fox and Dogs) beat Adam Williams (Belgrave Club), Mark De Leon (Longwood) beat Debbie Tallis (Mile Oak Rovers).


Spring Meadow lead the field in the Halesowen Ladies Monday Night League with 36 points, a clear eight points advantage over second in the table Haden Cross and third placed The Gate, the biggest battle being between the second and third teams for the runners up spot as Spring Meadow looks odds on for the title.

Full Results:- Haden Cross 3 The Gate 4, Spring Meadow 4 Park Lane Tavern 3, Black Horse 4 Townsend 3.


There were two top of the table clashes in the Stourbridge Monday Night League, first leaders Ashwood played hosts to their nearest rivals Ten Arches and beat them 5-4 to open up a four points lead at the top. Fourth in the table Brickmakers played away to fifth placed Bird ‘A’ (Stourbridge) and returned with another close 5-4 victory, which sees the home side drop one place to sixth.

Full Results:- Match 16:- Stourbridge RBL 4 Bird (Wordsley) 5, Corn Exchange 4 Church Tavern 5, New Inns 4 Bird ‘B’ (Stourbridge) 5, Ashwood 5 Ten Arches 4, Plough 5 Shrubbery Cottage 4, Crestwood 3 The Cat (Wordsley) 6, Gigmill 2 Quarry Bank Conservative Club 7, Bird ‘A’ (Stourbridge) 4 Brickmakers Arms 5, Britannia 9 Kingswinford Conservative Club 0.


Blue Brick ‘C’ made it 41 wins from 43 games when they beat fifth in the table High Acres 8-1 in the Brierley Hill Monday Night League. Second placed Dudley Sports ‘B’, who are sixteen points behind the league champions had a bye but with 66 points are confirmed as runners up as the following three teams, Rose and Crown (Brierley Hill), Bridge ‘B’ and Bulls Head (Netherton) are all six points behind them.

Full Results:- Blue Brick ‘C’ 8 High Acres 1, Roebuck 4 Rose and Crown (Brierley Hill) 5, Bulls Head (Netherton) 3 Bridge ‘B’ 6, Griffin 2 Blue Brick ‘B’ 7, Brickmakers Arms 7 Old Star ‘B’ 2, Liberal Club 3 Portway 6, Old Star ‘A’ 4 Tenth Lock 5, Dudley Sports ‘A’ 8 Black Horse 1, Ivy House (Dudley) 4 Dog and Lamppost 5, Laurel 4 Bridge ‘A’ 5, Rose and Crown (Wordsley) 6 The Swan 3.


Game of the week in the Small Heath League took place at Sheldon Marlborough Flights, who hosted league leaders Gulp Tribe. Gulp opened up what appeared to be a winning 4-0 lead, but somehow the home side managed to pull a rabbit out of the hat, win the final five games for a stunning 5-4 win and erase the Gulp’s unbeaten record.

Wagon and Horses took on bottom team Clock Inn and romped to a 7-2 win to put them level on points and average with Gulp as joint leaders.

Emerald Club were looking to maintain their challenge for the title but found their hosts Mitre too tough to handle and went down 5-4 to leave both teams two points behind the leading duo.

League newcomers Warwick Arms were hoping to continue their winning run at Cob’s Bar, but in a very tight game it came down to the last game, the home side coming out the 5-4 winners.

Full Results:- Cobs Bar 5 (A.Lattimer 100, R.Pike 100,100b, M.Cunningham 122f) Warwick Arms 4 (J.Franklin 121, C.Harris 112b, M.Treacy 100), Mitre 5 (I.Jones 100, L.Austin 100, S.Hughes 140, J.Frost 100) Emerald Club 4 (N.Parsonage 2×100, C.Rigby 2×100, P.Yardley 120b,100,100f, E.Burns 123), Sheldon Marlborough Flights 5 (A.Eden 140, M.Cox 100, K.Salisbury 2×100,120b, D.Humphries 105,100, M.Murrin 112b) Gulp Tribe 4 (M.O’Sullivan 100, M.Cooper 2×100, R.McConnell 100, S.Moon 106,125,122, J.Phipps 100, J.Harris 103b), Wagon and Horses 7 (M.Tilley 140,100, G.Daly 100b,120b, D.Rivitt 100, C.Murphy 100) Clock Inn 2 (B.Griffiths 100,108b, G.Verlander 100).


There were 6-3 wins for the two top teams in division one of the Forest of Arden Winter League, leaders Olton Crown winning at Chelmsley Town and second placed Highwood ‘A’ won at Journeys End to keep them within two points of Olton.

A 5-4 win over Highwood ‘C’ has seen Iron Horse replace their opponents at the top of division two, both teams having 12 points but Highwood ‘C’ have played one game more than their rivals.

Full Results:Division One:- Riley’s Red Arrows 4 (I.Hodges 140b,100b, B.Twist 122, P.Vasey 115b) Harvester 5, Ivy Leaf 2 (T.Clinton 3×100, A.Fenney 100), Greville Arrows 7 (K.Duggan 100,135, D.Duggan 100, A.D. Hawkins 100), Chelmsley Town 3 (T.Knowls 140,180, G.Burbridle 131, P.Brennan 101, R.Parsons 140) Olton Crown 6 (J.Sidwell 100b, K.Attwood 120b,140,118b, Jack.Sidwell 100,105b, D.Duncan 100b,120b,101, C.John 100), Journey’s End 3 (S.Whatmore 100, A.Howell 100, P.Shipley 3×100, J.Jennings 120b, A.Hoey 100) Highwood ‘A’ 6 (T.Constable 140,8 darts game, D.Cherry 125,105b,100, A.Daly 112b,112b, D.Wright 102,100,180, C.King 132), Division Two:- Greville Arms 5 B.Anderton 100, P.Thorley 2×100, K.Hull 100) Sheldon Flights 4 (N.Parker 100, C,Cotter 2x108b,2×100, I.Allwood 134, T.Roche 100), Iron Horse 5 (P,Bryne 2×100, R.Parry 100, J.Evans 180,100) Highwood ‘C’ 4 (S.Page 123,140, P.Roscoe 100, T.Arrowsmith 125,100, J.King 2×100,135), Crown Arrows 3 (C.Vann 111,105b, R.Vann 100, J.Gaskin 134, D.White 116b,130, P.Carter 100) Highwood KB’s 6 (N.Wykes 100,180, W.Cooper 125, N.Byrne 100b, N.Hexley 100, T.Walton 100, M.Gorman 101b,125).


Divisional Cups were on the agenda for the South Birmingham League, winning through in the division one games were, Mackadown Social, Crown-Forget-Me-Not and The Raven, while making their way into the next round in division two were, Coleshill Social, The Dog and Banbury Flights.

Full Results:Division One Cup:- St John’s 3 (B.Harris 106,100, A.Aston 140b,140,100b,9darts game, T.Lewis 100, L’O’Donnel 100, D.Kingdon 2×100,140) Mackadown Social 6 D.Young 100f,140, M.Heaven 140b, T.Comerford 129, A.Sheen 100,112, G.James 140, A.Savage 2×100), Crown at Shard End 4 (A.Mayell 116b, P.Shipley 100, M.Cooper 152b,106, C.Horsley 140,108b, N.Parsonage 100,140, A.Hoey 100, T.Evans 100,116b,104b, J.Prince 100,152b, S.Cain 101) Crown-Forget-Me-Not 5 (M.Birch 100, M.Anwar 100, B.Cadby 100, W.Naylor 126, J.Frost 2×100, C.Millward snr 120b), Punch Bowl 3 (M.Tollis 100, A.Richards 140,120b,120, R.Richards 134,119, R.White 120, D.White 100, M.Turner 120b) The Raven 6 (M.Frinwish 120b, J.Evans 100,117, J.Whitehouse 140, A.Whitehouse 2×100, T.Whitehouse 112b), Division Two Cup:- Coleshill Social 6 (L.Robinson 135, S.Sweetman 2×100, S.Harvey 2×100,138, P.Bryant 2×100, G.Jones 123,101,2×100) The Trident 3 K.Green 105, N.Grones 100, J.Buttle 100,127, A.Cooksey 106b,2×100), The Kingfisher 2 (R.Mills 125) The Dog 7 (P.Thompson 105, P.Richards 108, A.Oldfield 100, S’O’Brien 100,140, J.Fathers 2×100), Banbury Flights 6 (W.Cooper 100,112b, J.Spink 100, D.Cooper 121, L.Reece 120b,140,100, P.Morgan 101) The Gate 3 T.Molineux 100, P.Jones 117).


Crown made it 31 perfect wins in the Rowley Monday Night League when they won 8-1 at Whiteheath Tavern to keep them four points ahead of Springfield Social Club, who won by the same margin at Little Beech.

Full Results:- The Bell 6 Ivy Bush ‘A’ 3, Crown ‘B’ 4 Gate Hangs Well 5, Haden Cross 0 Ex Serviceman’s Club 9, Ivy Bush ‘Z’ 6 Allens Sports Bar 3, Leones 6 Hunting Tree 3, Little Beech 1 Springfield Social Club 8, Riddins Tavern 5 Plough and Harrow 4, Victoria Inn 4 Britannia Inn 5, White Swan 3 Fairfield 6, Whiteheath Tavern 1 Crown 8.


Cotterills Lane Club returned to the top of the Camp Hill League with a 6-1 win at bottom team Devil’s Club after former leaders Scruffy Ringers had a bye. Cotterills now have a two points advantage over Ringers.

Full Results:- Wagonners 1 Gulp Tribe 6, Devil’s Club 1 Cotterills Lane Club 6, The Lions 3 Bordesley Labour Club 4.


Top Bell, leaders of the Lye and District Ladies Wednesday Night League had a bye this week, but they hold on to the number one spot despite a 4-3 win by second placed Park Lane Tavern at Bull and Bladder. Third in the table Netherton Sports and Social won 5-2 at Black Horse to put the top three teams all on six points, Top Bell having played one game less than the other two.

Full Results:- Bull and Bladder 3 Park Lane Tavern 4, Bulls Head 5 Brickmakers Arms 2, Black Horse 2 Netherton Sports and Social 5.


The Bulls Head lost ground in the Netherton Thursday Night League title race when they were beaten 5-4 in their game at the Brickmakers Arms, the result seeing them drop two places to fifth and their victors move up one to fourth. Both teams have 15 points, nine short of leaders Springfield Social Club who handed out a 9-0 whitewash to their hosts White Swan, who are bottom of the table. Netherton Sports and Social trail Springfield on average only as their 7-2 win, over Pensnett and Bromley puts them on the same 24 points as the leaders.

Full Results:- Rose and Crown 4 Fairfield 5, Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club 5 The Bell 4, The Widders 3 White Horse 6, Netherton Sports and Social Club 7 Pensnett and Bromley 2, White Swan 0 Springfield Social Club 9, Brickmakers 5 Bulls Head 4.