Due to the current situation regarding COVID-19 just three fixtures were played in the Four Oaks and District Winter League, one in each of the three divisions.

In division one Pint Pot Flights took a 3-1 lead in their home fixture with Golden Hind and despite a maximum from their J.Moon were unable to add another win to their tally and went down 6-3. Golden Hind have completed their programme and are currently placed second to champions Boldmere St Mikes, however third in the table The Boat are just two points behind Golden Hind with a game still to play, a win would see them finish as runners-up and Golden Hind drop to third.

Red Lion finished their season in division two as champions, their final 7-2 win at The Digby taking their number of points to 26 and although second in the division Walmley CSC Flights have one game remaining they are a massive eight points adrift. A defeat for Walmley CSC Flights in their final game could see them lose out on second place and the runners-up spot taken by Oscott Sports providing they win their last fixture.

Rosey Mac’s Leopard required a massive 9-0 win over their hosts Oscott Social Club to clinch the third division title but being as Oscott Social Club reversed the first half 5-4 defeat against their nearest the win gave them the divisional title with 22 points and their opponents Rosey Mac’s Leopard take second place with 18 points as third in the division Boldmere Tap despite having played two games fewer than the two teams above them are some eight points short of Rosey Mac’s Leopard’s total.

S.Pritchett threw some tremendous darts for runners up Rosey Mac’s Leopard in addition to his second 180 of the season he had 2x120b,100b,140 and 2×100.

Full Results:- Game 14:Division One:- Pint Pot Flights 3 (N.Robbins 100b,140,106f,135,9 darts game, M.Bagnall 2×100, J.Moon 100b,180,140, T.O’Driscoll 125, M.O’Driscoll 134,3×100) Golden Hind 6 (T.O’Kereke 109b,100, A.Stainfield 100b,137, Andy Kimberley 3x100b,140, D.Pickering 101b, B.Stephens 2×140,100, G.Kimberley 129, W.Naylor 2×100,115,2×121,137), Division Two:- The Digby 2 (K.Tooze 140, L.Cooksey 117, H.Sadler 112b,100,140,120, R.Liennard 100, A.Linehan 2×100) Red Lion 7 (J.Collins 100, T.Vickers 100, I.Matthews 2×100, M.Corfield 101b,140,100f,121,3×100, B.Hughes 2×140,100, R.Lowe 140,100), Division Three:- Oscott Social Club 5 (P.Graham 125,100, A.Whitehouse 110b, I.Lloyd 100, D.Shannon 125,3×100, T.Purcell 100, D.Haskins 100) Rosey Mac’s Leopard 4 (J.Liggins 120,100,104, G.Oldfield 111, S.Pritchett 2x120b,2×100,100b,180,140, L.Shorthouse 2×100).