In the premier division of the BDO Inter County Championships Warwickshire recently had a terrific 25-11 win over second in the division Lancashire but their latest win in a home tie against fourth in the table Glamorgan was one that will be more memorable as the whole squad turned in a fantastic performance in what was an extremely close game, battling it out to the bitter end to win 19-17 consolidate their number three position and open up a fifteen points advantage over their opponents who hold on to fourth place.

Three of the four games ended all square, the two ladies teams finishing with a 3-3 result, Rosie O’Connor (18.53) the lady of the match for the ‘B’ side and Tammy Montgomery (24.44) the ‘A’ team’s top player.

The men’s ‘B’ had a superb 7-5 win with James Hykin taking the match award for a tremendous 30.36 average while the ‘A’ team extended their unbeaten run to seven games with a 6-6 draw, Ian McFarlane turning in a fabulous performance to win the man of the match award for his 31.31 average.

With just two more fixtures to play Warwickshire are only six points short of second placed Lancashire and with a home tie against middle of the table Hampshire and a final away game against bottom of the table Northamptonshire they could well finish the season as runners up especially as Lancashire’s final game is away to current leaders and reigning champions Yorkshire.

Full Results:Premier Division:Warwickshire v Glamorgan (19-17):Warwickshire names first):Men’s ‘A’:- Antony Allen 1 Dale Hughes 4, Dave Honey 2 Sean Fisher 4, Kevin Dowling 3 Jeff Bass 4, Tom Aldridge 4 Shaun Dibbs 0, Nigel Heydon 4 Tim Jones 1, Jamie Atkins 1 James Richards 4, Steve Giddings 3 David Rogers 4, Ian McFarlane 4 Cavan Phillips 0, Steve Hine 4 Lloyd Browning 1, Noel Grant 4 Wayne Davies 2, Dean Stewart 4 Graham Brooks 1, Prakash Jiwa 0 Dai Caller 4, Men’s ‘B’:- Mark Carter 3 Michael Huntley 4, Rob Comben 2 Ralph Barnett 4, Mark Strong 4 Daniel Thomas 1, James Hykin 4 Dai Powell 1, Carl Green 4 Neil Parry 3, Matty Washbrooke 4 Keiron Carter 1, Ashley Hurrell 2 Mark Challenger 4, Simon Fairbrother 1 Richie Edwards 4, Wayne Mynard 4 Clive Langford 2, Karl Reynolds 4 Hywell Mauel 1, Jack Wareing 4 Dan Thompson 2, Gareth Braham 3 Colin Powell 4, Women’s ‘A’:- Donna Pinch 0 Alannah Waters-Evans 3, Sue Gulliver 2 Chris Savvery 3, Tammy Montgomery 3 Rhian O’Sullivan 1, Natalie Gilbert 3 Eve Watson 1, Nina Bolt 3 Claire Crocombe 0, Angela Jones 2 Jan Robbins 3, Women’s ‘B’:- Caroline Pike 1 Nicola Biddick 3, Wendy Adams 3 Michelle Jones 0, Melanie Jones 3 Sue HYall 1, Rosie O’Connor 3 Donna Thomas 1, Helen Rigg 0 Jordenn Daniels 3, Marian Conway 1 Joanne Pugh 3.