Wiltshire v Derbyshire

Following their 22-14 win against Gloucestershire in division three of the BDO Inter County Championships Derbyshire’s seventh fixture of the nine games season this coming weekend will be an away game against Wiltshire.

Derbyshire are currently fourth in the table on 130 points eight short of divisional leaders Cleveland who they play in their final game of the season and only four behind third placed Somerset, while Wiltshire are placed eighth and only one place and five points above the relegation zone, so to keep the pressure on the top two and keep promotion hopes alive a win at this point in the season is vital.

Chosen to play against Wiltshire are Men’s ‘A’:- Ian Allcock, Henry Coates, Tim Daniels, Gary Fenn, Richard Hanson, Rob Hawker, Sean Lambert, Steve Paling, Michael Ryall, Steve Soar, Lee Stanley, Paul Williams, Men’s ‘B’:- Pete Burgoyne, Nigel Daniels, David Fritchley, Andy Gillott, Ryan Hassell, Connor Hodgkinson, Ben Holmes, Andy Houghton, Richard Hughes, Rob Needham, James Parkin, Darren Webster, Reserves:- Dean Allsopp, Gary Barker, Ian Clarke, Keith Cooper, Martin Courtney, John Elliott, Matt Faulkner, Dan Ford, Scott McCabe, Tim Rippon, Peter Slater, Steve Thompson, Women’s ‘A’:- Rachel Ayres, Jane Densley, Rebecca Hoyland, Sammi Marshall, Louise Rawson, Kackie Sweet, Women’s ‘B’:- Dee Fenn, Sara-Jane Harrison, Jennifer McCormick, Rose Mort, Carol Western, Holly Wright, Reserves:- Terri Bellamy, Rachel Bird, Dawn Buckley, Kelly Dean, Nicola Fletcher, Emily Jones, Katrina McAleney.