West of England v Shropshire

Last season in division four of the BDO Inter County Championships Shropshire had a home tie against West of England which they lost 23-13 this season’s similar tie was an away fixture which saw Shropshire go down 24-12.

The weekend began with the ladies ‘B’ who despite a brave effort from opener Julie Griffiths who came from 1-0 down to lead 2-1 against Angie Betts she eventually lost 3-2. Second on was Caroline Powell who opened up a 2-0 lead over Cath Rosser but then lost the last three for a second close 3-2 defeat. Tracey Knox was on at number three and her 3-0 defeat by Laura Dalziel gave the hosts a commanding 3-0 lead.

Sue Lane (Shropshire) lost the first leg to Millie Hooper but held her nerve and went on to win 3-1. Allison Gallagher’s game followed the pattern of Sue Lane’s whereby she went one down to Maria Barker and then stormed back to win 3-1 and in the process earn herself the match award for her 16.97 average.

Although the visitors had now come from 3-0 down to 3-2 a draw was never going to be as Jayne Fitzgerald won the final encounter against Sharon Harris 3-1 to give the home team a 4-2 win, however a draw could have easily been the final score as Harris was unfortunate with her finishing doubles in two of the legs she lost.

Brian Hickman gave the men’s ‘B’ side an encouraging start as he fought back from 2-0 down against Phil O’Connell to win 3-2. Alas that opening win was going to be the sole victory for Shropshire in the first half of the game as Gary Pinker won 3-0 against Jimmy Handley, Ross Fowler had a 3-2 win over Scott Meyrick, after Meyrick had trailed 1-0 and then taken a 2-1 lead. Liam Dawe made it 3-1 to West of England with his 3-0 win over Andy Gilbert and with a further 3-1 win from Alan Thatcher against Peter Eley, Josh Allen made it 5-1 when he won 3-0 in his tie with Dave Bayton.

The second half of the game saw the away side have their best run of the game when they won two in a row Paul Bromley after being pegged back to level terms after leading 1-0 and 2-1 went on to beat Dan Raby 3-2 and in game number eight Shropshire found their man of the match in the form of Louis Burley who was made to fight all the way for his 3-2 win by Paul Griffiths. Burley went one down in just twelve darts but drew level in 19. He then went 2-1 up with a 115 checkout only to see Griffiths take the game to a fifth and deciding leg when he won the fourth.

The final leg could have gone to either player but it was Burley who found the vital double eight with his opponent left nursing double eight for a 3-2 win giving him the match award for his 23.28 average.

Game number nine saw Neil Powell (Shropshire) open up a 2-1 lead after losing the first leg to Tony Gregson but then with defeats in the next two legs Powell went down 3-2.

Victory was assured for the hosts in the tenth game when Chris Manning beat Karl Noakes 3-1 and although Matt Williams (Shropshire) won by the same margin in the penultimate game against Gary Grimmitt the final score was taken to 8-4 to West of England when Rory Bisp won 3-2 against Simon Mountford in the last game of the day.

Out of the four Shropshire teams the ladies ‘A’ have been the more successful over recent seasons and this latest game proved to be no different although it didn’t begin too well as Sophie Fawcett lost 3-0 to Lucy Connor and then Becky Harris lost the first two legs to Gail Dent. Nevertheless Harris bounced back to win the next three legs and the game 3-2.

Marie Riggs winner of six match awards last season was on at number three and like her team mate Becky Harris she also lost the first two legs and again like Harris she fought back to snatch a 3-2 win in her tie against Jackie Skinner to give Shropshire a 2-1 lead.

Tracey Webb pulled one back for West of England when she accounted for Michele Pritchard with a 3-0 scoreline but a draw was assured for the away team as in form Kat McLean, despite having her lead against Emma Bowles cancelled out twice, went on to win not only the game 3-2 but also the lady of the match award for her 18.95 average, her second consecutive award in the two games played so far.

The final game was nip and tuck as the home player Mev Kelly won the first leg then Shropshire’s Stephanie Clarke won the next two. Kelly took the game to a decider with a win in the fourth only to see Clarke win 3-2 with a double sixteen finish Kelly left on double eighteen.

Stephanie Clarke’s win gave the Shropshire ladies ‘A’ a tremendous 4-2 victory.

The men’s ‘A’ team must have wondered what had hit them as West of England stormed into a 9-0 lead. Robbie Long got the ball rolling for the home team as he won 4-3 against Tim Eley, then there was a 4-1 win for Andrew White against Sean Flynn, Martyn Lansdown beat Nathan Storar (4-2), Wayne Allen won against Brian Hickman (4-1), Jerry Abbott beat Kevin Harris (4-3), there was a win for Kieron Grimmitt against Andi Chatter (4-2), Simon Lloyd defeated Neville Quinton (4-1), Adrian Williams won 4-0 against Danny James and rounding off the 9-0 lead was Alan Skinner with his 4-1 win against Simon Pritchard.

Richard Parker stopped the rot in the tenth when he won 4-2 against Paul Smith and at the same time earned himself the match award for his 24.98 average.

The lead was reduced to 9-2 when Derek Coulson added his 4-2 win over Garry Harding to Shropshire’s tally but the final score was recorded at 10-2 with a final 4-2 win from Paul Fellows over Jamie Barrowman.

The overall 24-12 result sees Shropshire in the position they finished in last season next to bottom of the table with last season’s bottom team Isle of Wight once again the only team below them. Surely things can only get better.

Full Results:West of England v Shropshire (24-12)🙁West of England names first):Men’s ‘A’:- Robbie Long 4 Tim Eley 3, Andrew White 4 Sean Flynn 1, Martyn Lansdown 4 Nathan Storar 2, Wayne Allen 4 Brian Hickman 1, Jerry Abbott 4 Kevin Harris 3, Kieran Grimmitt 4 Andi Chatter 2, Simon Lloyd 4 Neville Quinton 1, Adrian Williams 4 Danny James 0, Alan Skinner 4 Simon Pritchard 1, Paul Smith 2 Richard Parker 4, Garry Harding 2 Derek Coulson 4, Paul Fellows 4 Jamie Barrowman 2, Men’s ‘B’:- Phil O’Connell 2 Brian Hickman 3, Gary Pinker 3 Jimmy Handley 0, Ross Fowler 3 Scott Meyrick 2, Liam Dawe 3 Andy Gilbert 0, Alan Thatcher 3 Peter Eley 1, Josh Allen 3 Dave Bayton 0, Dan Raby 2 Paul Bromley 3, Paul Griffiths 2 Louis Burley 3, Tony Gregson 3 Neil Powell 2, Chris Manning 3 Karl Noakes 1, Gary Grimmitt 1 Matt Williams 3, Rory Bisp 3 Simon Mountford 2, Women’s ‘A’:- Lucy Connor 3 Sophie Fawcett 0, Gail Dent 2 Becky Harris 3, Jackie Skinner 2 Marie Riggs 3, Tracey Webb 3 Michele Pritchard 0, Emma Bowles 2 Kat McLean 3, Mev Kelly 2 Stephanie Clarke 3, Women’s ‘B’:- Angie Betts 3 Julie Griffiths 2, Cath Rosser 3 Caroline Powell 2, Laura Dalziel 3 Tracey Knox 0, Millie Hooper 1 Sue Lane 3, Maria Barker 1 Allison Gallagher 3, Jayne Fitzgerald 3 Shannon Harris 1.


After conceding two consecutive defeats in division four of the BDO Inter County Championships Shropshire third fixture of the season was a home tie with Clwyd, the same fixture played away last term saw Shropshire lose 26-10.

Saturday’s ladies ‘B’ game was not the best of starts to the weekend as the hosts stormed to a 3-0 lead Rachel Kingdon setting them on their way with a 3-2 win over Allison Gallagher in the opener after Gallagher had twice come back to level terms. Dee Stapley doubled Clwyd’s lead when she beat Julie Griffiths 3-1 and with a 3-0 win over Tracey Knox, Lin Chadwick made it 3-0.

Shropshire’s first win came in game number four when Caroline Powell made it two lady of the match awards in three games when she won in three straight legs against Abs Hamilton and recorded a 17.48 average.

The visitors win was assured in the fifth when Jo Toye won 3-0 against Sharon Harris and the 5-1 rout complete when in the final game Kate Woodcock beat Sue Lane 3-2 after Lane had won the first two legs.

The men’s ‘B’ like the ladies had also lost their first two games of the season but after the opening four games where the results all went in favour of the player with the first throw advantage it was Shropshire who broke the sequence.

Steve Gilbert opened for Clwyd and won 3-1 against Matt Williams after Williams had won the first leg. Neil Powell twice came from behind against John Thomas to win 3-2 and cancel out the away team’s lead. Colin Snead was pegged back from 2-0 up to 2-2 by Martin Riggs before going on to win 3-2 and restore Clwyd’s lead, but once again parity was restored when Steve Davis (Shropshire) beat Aaron Argyle 3-1.

As previously stated it was Shropshire who broke the winning sequence and it was Scott Meyrick who not only won 3-0 against Simon Roberts but at the same time earned himself the man of the match award for his 22.43 average as he gave his team the lead for the first time in the game.

From a lead of 3-2 Shropshire saw their opponents reel off five successive wins to move into an unassailable 7-3 position. Andy Hopwood began the away teams run when he beat Paul Bromley 3-0 and although Luke Humphrey was taken to a decider by Andre Knox he went on to win 3-2. Phil Wilcock with a 3-1 result beat Simon Mountfor to take Clwyd’s score along to 5-3 and despite going 2-0 up Chris Fox (Shropshire) lost 3-2 to Paul Alley prior to Jon Darlington chalking up the all important seventh game when he won 3-0 against Rob Trumper.

Jimmy Handley was made to work for his 3-2 win by Steve Gierke as Gierke went 1-0 and 2-1 up before Handley took charge and won the last three legs to pull one back for Shropshire.

The final game of the day saw Dave Roberts win 3-0 against Andi Chatter to put the final score at 8-4 to Clwyd.

The ladies ‘A’ had previously lost and won 4-2 in their opening two fixtures, they began this latest game against Clwyd in fine style as Becky Harris won the first against Paula Collins 3-1 and with a similar scoreline Michel Pritchard accounted for Linda Evans, then with a 3-0 result for Stephanie Clarke against Claire Maddock Shropshire were 3-0 up and guaranteed at the worst a draw.

Bethan Jones (Clwyd) went two up against winner of Shropshire’s two previous match awards Kat McLean and although McLean won the next two legs she was unable to win the decider and Jones took the game 3-2. The penultimate game also ended 3-2 with the home player Sophie Fawcett twice cancelling out Sarah Roberts lead before losing the last leg.

With the score delicately balanced at 3-2 to Shropshire the outcome all depended on the final game between Marie Riggs (Shropshire) and Glad Davies. Riggs went one up and although Davies won the second wins in the following two legs gave Marie Riggs not only a personal 3-1 win and a 4-2 win for her team but also the match award for her top average of 21.11.

With the overall score standing at 15-9 to Clwyd Shropshire’s man’s ‘A’ team had a huge task if they were to gain an overall win as they would have to win their game 10-2, the odds on that happening were greatly reduced after only the first two games in which Danny James lost 4-1 to Bryan Moran and Peter Eley after going 3-0 up against Paul Hughes lost 4-3.

Nathan Storar was first to win for Shropshire when in the third game he beat Jason Wilcock 4-1 and with a further 4-2 win for Brian Hickman over Dean Williams Shropshire were back on level terms.

The visitors then took another two in a row as Paul Reilly won 4-1 against Derek Coulson and Dafydd Edwards beat Neville Quinton 4-0 to give the away team a 4-2 lead at the midway point.

Once again parity was restored as Jamie Barrowman took out David Harrold with a 4-1 scoreline and a very respectable 25.57 average which was enough to give him the man of the match award. Barrowman was followed by Tim Eley who came from two down to Darren Hiles to win 4-3.

Shropshire looked all set to go ahead for the first time in the game in the ninth when Simon Pritchard opened up leads of 1-0 and 3-1 against Glyn Carus and could actually have won the game 4-3 in the last leg but doubles deserted him and it was Carus got the 4-3 verdict.

For a third time the match was levelled when in the tenth Louis Burley with a 4-1 result defeated Neil Mayers only to see Clwyd for a fourth time take the lead when in the penultimate encounter Derek Williams won 4-2 against Richard Parker to leave the game still without a winner with just one to play.

Lining up for Shropshire was anchor man Kevin Harris and for Clwyd Paul Gillam. Harris won the first leg in just 13 darts and lost the second as Gillam checked out on 111. Harris went ahead again in the third only to see Gillam once more produce a ton plus finish of 112. For a third time it was Kevin Harris who took the lead and for a third time Gillam cancelled it out to leave the result hinging on the final game of the day and weekend.

With Gillam back on 106 and a 32 game shot for Harris the Shropshire player sealed his hard earned 4-3 win to give the men’s ‘A’ team a well deserved 6-6 draw.

The overall result was a 21-15 victory for Clwyd leaving Shropshire where they began the weekend in a next to bottom of the table position but there is a still a long way to go!!!

Full Results:Shropshire v Clwyd (15-21)🙁Shropshire names first):Men’s ‘A’:- Danny James 1 Bryan Moran 4, Peter Eley 3 Paul Hughes 4, Nathan Storar 4 Jason Wilcock 1, Brian Hickman 4 dean Williams 2, Derek Coulson 1 Paul Reilly 4, Neville Quinton 0 Dafydd Edwards 4, Jamie Barrowman 4 David Harrold 1, Tim Eley 4 Darren Hiles 3, Simon Pritchard 3 Glyn Carus 4, Louis Burley 4 Neil Mayers 1, Richard Parker 2 Derek Williams 4, Kevin Harris 4 Paul Gillam 3, Men’s ‘B’:- Matt Williams 1 Steve Gilbert 3, Neil Powell 3 John Thomas 2, Martin Riggs 2 Colin Snead 3, Steve Davis 3 Aaron Argyle 1, Scott Meyrick 3 Simon Roberts 0, Paul Bromley 0 Andy Hopwood 3, Andre Knox 2 Luke Humphreys 3, Simon Mountford 1 Phil Wilcock 3, Chris Fox 2 Paul Alley 3, Rob Trumper 0 Jon Darlington 3, Jimmy Handley 3 Steve Gierke 2, Andi Chatter 0 Dave Roberts 3, Women’s ‘A’:- Becky Harris 3 Paula Collins 1, Michele Pritchard 3 Linda Evans 1, Stephanie Clarke 3 Claire Maddock 0, Kat Mclean 2 Bethan Jones 3, Sophie Fawcett 2 Sarah Roberts 3, Marie Riggs 3 Glad Davies 1, Women’s ‘B’:- Allison Gallagher 2 Rachel Kingdon 3, Julie Griffiths 1 Del Stapley 3, Tracey Knox 0 Lin Chadwick 3, Caroline Powell 3 Abs Hamilton 0, Sharon Harris 0 Jo Toye 3, Sue Lane 2 Kate Woodcock 3.