Norfolk v Derbyshire

Since gaining promotion to division one in the BDO Inter County Championships in 2014/2015 Derbyshire have not enjoyed the best of results having won just one of their last nineteen games which has seen them plummet from division one to division three. Their opening fixture in division three was a tough tie against Merseyside which saw their opponents take the 22-14 result.

Derbyshire’s next fixture this coming weekend is an away game against Norfolk who are newly promoted from division four, a game Derbyshire should and must win if they are to get back into winning ways and want to achieve promotion to division two this season.

Selected to play for Derbyshire are Men’s ‘A’:- Paul Baker, Pete Burgoyne, Ian Clarke, Nigel Daniels, Gary Fenn, Richard Hanson, Ryan Hassell, Robert Hawker, Richard Hughes, Sean Lambert, Brian Snell, Lee Stanley, Men’s ‘B’:- Andy Baker, Henry Coates, Keith Cooper, Tony Cresswell, Adam Fern, Andy Gillott, Ben Holmes, Robert Needham, Steve Paling, Tim Rippon, Darren Sullivan, Paul Williams, Reserves:- Ian Allcock, John Clifford, Paul Coward, Lee Cummins, David Fritchley, Scott McCabe, Ian Scobbie, Chris Upton, Ash Weaver, Women’s ‘A’:- Kera Astle, Rachel Ayres, Rebecca Hoyland, Lauren Jackson, Jennifer McCormick, Louis Rawson, Women’s ‘B’:- Terri Bellamy, Dawn Buckley, Dee Fenn, Sara-Jane Harrison, Sammi Marshall, Samantha Wood, Reserves:- Kerri Buckley, Amy Clifton, Michelle Cunningham, Kelly Dean, Emily Jones.