Derbyshire v Merseyside

After what has been a luckless run of two seasons in the BDO Inter County Championships Derbyshire have slipped from division one down to division three and will start their new season with a home tie against another team that used to be a high riding successful outfit Merseyside.

The encounter should be a tester for both teams as undoubtedly they will be looking for a return to division two and from there onwards and upwards back to the higher division they are both accustomed to.

Lining up for Derbyshire will be, Men’s ‘A’:- Paul Baker, Pete Burgoyne, Ian Clarke, Nigel Daniels Tim Daniels, Gary Fenn, Adam Fern, Richard Hanson, Sean Lambert, Brian Snell, Steve Soar, Lee Stanley, Men’s ‘B’:- Ian Allcock, Andy Baker, Henry Coates, Keith Cooper, Tony Cresswell, Lee Cummins, Andy Gillott, Ryan Hassell, Richard Hughes, Chris Upton, Ash Weaver, Paul Williams, Reserves:- John Clifford, Paul Coward, John Elliott, David Fritchley, Ben Holmes, Rob Needham, Tim Rippon, Steve Paling, Women’s ‘A’:- Kera Astle, Terri Bellamy, Rebecca Hoyland, Jennifer McCormick, Louise Rawson, Jackie Sweet, Women’s ‘B’:- Rachel Ayres, Dawn Buckley, Kerri Buckley, Kelly Dean, Dee Fenn, Sara-Jane Harrison, Reserves:- Amy Clifton, Michelle Cunningham, Emily Jones, Sammi Marshall, Samantha Wood.