A West Midlands Round Up

The Digby chalked up their first win in division one of the Sheldon and District Summer League’s new season, a 6-3 success away to The Highwood as did Marston Green Tavern in division two when they beat George V 5-3.

Division three produced a top of the table clash between leaders Holy Souls and second placed Crown Arrows which saw Holy Souls record a 7-1 win to put them two points ahead of the field.

Both games in division four between Ridgemere Social and Highwood Exiles ‘A’ and Willclare Sports and Social and Iron Horse finished all square at 4-4.

Division six produced another top of the table encounter with Maggies taking on Meadway Sports and Social, the outcome was a 4-4 draw leaving Maggies in pole position just one leg of average to the good on Highwood Exiles ‘B’, Langley Hall Sports and Social Flights and Meadway Sports and Social, all four teams are on three points.

Full Results:Week 2:Division One:- Highoowd 2 (L.Hodges 107,100,125,140, D.Cherry 129,100,136, D.Buckler 2×100,180, M.Cooper 2×100,125, C.King 4×100,125, A.Hunt 100) The Digby 6 (R.Hawker 123,2×100, N.Clarke 2×140,2×100,137,115f, M.Partridge 3×100, S.Hazlett 100, A.Hoey 180,100, W.Mynard 140), Langley Hall Sports and Social Flights 8  Banbury  0 (walkover), Division Two:- The Raven 0 (T.Whitehouse 100,140, J.Whithouse 100,117, S.Kingdon 100, D.Kingdon 140, P.Jay 100, D.Mortiboys 110) Mackadown Sports and Social 8 (B.Allen 2×100,134, G.James 2×100,121, A.Kavanagh 121,137, D.Young 119,140,100, A.Caddick 140,2×100, M.Heaven 140,2×100, M.Noonan 120,140), Marston Green Tavern 5 (T.Comerford 100,123,180, P.Lawrance 121,2×100, M.Murray 122,118) George V 3 (L.Nash 100, C.Horsley 4×100, B.Anderton 116,100, S.Palmer 2×100, C.Grimes 113f,125,100), Division Three:- Holy Souls 7 (D.Heighway 2×125,137,140,100, D.Smith 100, C.Stokes 3×100, T.Evans 100,140, R.McConnell 100, J.Lucas 125) Crown Arrows 1 (L.Vann 100, J.Morrisey 2×100,135, R.Hopkins 100), Sheldon Dukes 5 (G.Groves 121, Mitch O’Donnell 125,100, L.Molyneux 135, Mark O’Donnell 2×140,100, P.Sunner 2×100, M.Hicks 140, S.O’Donnell 140,100,  M Riley 123) Sheldon Marlborough Flights 3 (A.Eden 123, D.Howlett 100,140, R.Turner 100, P.Jones 100, K.Salsbury 121), Solihull Moors 4 (T.Bradley 124, S.Green 2×100,121,140, N.Warner 3×100,180, S.Hicks 100, G.Evans 100, P.Vasey 140,100) Highwood KB’s 4 (N.Byrne 116,100, W.Cooper 140,100, T.Walton 2×100,100f, T.Hobbs 3×100,160, M.Gorman 100, A.Boyle 100), Division Four:- Ridgemere Social 4 (A.Phipps 140,125,100, S.Jones 118, D.Jones 2×100, P.Field 100, A.Phipps 100) Highwood Exiles ‘A’ 4 (P.Roscoe 116,2×100, S.Payne 100,123,140, J.Sharpe 100, M.Mitchell 140, A.Payne 100), Willclare Sports and Social 4 (C.Nicholls 120, D.Reid 5×100,140,115f, F.Dixon 2×140, P.Wilcock 100, J.Thomas 2×121, M.Holt 140,100) Iron Horse 4 (R.Earl 2×140,121, J.Lacy 135, J.Evans 2×140,118,12 darts game, N.Parsonage 140,180,100, P.Byrne 100,140, P.Shipley 2×100), Division Five:- Sheldon Marlborough Arrows 3 (B.Steptoe 180,100,102, A.Wale 119, J.Humphries 140,123,133, P.Brown 101, D.Brown 120) Emerald Flights 5 (S.Facey 140,100,137, A.Burbridge 120, P.Webster 110f), Shirley RBL Misfits 6 (A.Ogg 100, M.Hodgson 125,100, C.De Silva 100, D.Rutter 100, J.Boyle 100) Small Heath Amateur Gardeners 2 (C.Hughes 100, R.Green 100, A.Sleath 100), Division Six:- Highwood Exiles ‘B’ 5 (R.Harrison 140,100) Ridgemere Rejects 3 (J.McGuigan 100, L.Carter 100), Emerald Hot Shoys 3 (S.Sampson 100) Langley Hall Sports and Social Flights 5 (D.Jelley 3×100,119, S.Spencer 100,140, S.Wasley 121, M.Mulryan 100), Maggies 4 (P.Cunningham 132, S.Hoccom 2×100, R.Kirby 100, N.Hall 140,100, B.Carter 100, S.Hall 101,100) Meadway Sports and Social 4 (S.Bennett 2×100,121,102, R.Smith 100, D.Shellis 120, M.McArthur 105, A.Byran 100, D.Delaney 100,180).


With John Buckingham not playing this week he has lost pole position and dropped to third place in the Crown at Olton Double Top League, taking over the number one spot is Tony Randell who in week five had a 2-1 win over Paul Nunn and followed that with a 3-0 victory against Dave Hutchings to give him a total of 29 points, Bob Nixon is also on 29 points, he had two 3-0 wins in his games with George Drennan and Paul Nunn. Third placed Buckingham is on 27 points with a game in hand, John Sidwell is also on the same points as Buckingham.

Full Results:Week 5:- Paul Nunn 1 Tony Randle 2, Bob Nixon 3 George Drennan 0, John Sidwell 2 Mark Wall 1, Simon Edwards 1 Alex Edwards 2, Dave Hutchings 2 Steve Harding 1, Jason Jennings 3 Anthony Daley 0, Karl Attwood 1 Wayne Mathews 2, Dave Duncan 2 Phil Henderson 1, Ian Spencer 3 Terry Constable 0, Tony Steele 0 Darren Wright 3, Paul Stephens 0 Chris Devlin 3, George Drennan 3 Andy Hutchings 0, Bob Nixon 3 Paul Nunn 0, Simon Edwards 2 Mark Wall 1, Ian Spencer 1 Steve Harding 2, John SIdwell 2 Alex Edwards 1, Jason Jennings 0 Paul Stephens 3, Phil Henderson 2 Dave Hutchings 1, Dave Duncan 1 Steve Harding 2,Wayne Mathews 1 Tony Steele 2,Chris Devlin 0 Andy Hutchiings 3, Tony Randell 3 Dave Hutchings 0, Anthony Daley 0 Karl Attwood 3,Darren Wright 0 Terry Constable 3, Alex Edwards 1 George Drennan 2, Chris Devlin 3 Dave Hutchings 0, Paul Stephens 3 Steve Harding 0.


For most of the season in the Winmau Centre Monday Night League The Untouchables have lived up to their name setting the pace and leading the table, but with no game this week The Bully Boys, who for the past couple of weeks have been closing the gap on the leaders actually replaced them at the top when they handed out a massive 48-0 whitewash to their host’s Keep It In The Family to give them 704 points an advantage of eleven over the former leaders.

At the other end of the table Make Mine A Double moved up one place off the foot of the table after a 24-24 draw with Here For The Beer, Double Trouble replace Make Mine A Double at the bottom of the table losing 43-5 to Three Men And A Lady.

No fewer than thirteen maximums were recorded in this week’s round of fixtures.

Full Results:- Keep It In The Family 0 Bully Boys 48, Double Trouble 5 Three Men And A Lady 43 (Alex Simmons 180, James Owen 180, Gemma Jenkins 180, Shane Simmons 180), Mad House 5 (Simon Ward 180) Cupid Stunts 43 (Owen Maiden 180, Kristian Wharton 180, Ben Forrest 180), Make Mine A Double 24 Here For The Beer 24 (Thomas Starkey 180), Yam Yams 19 Not So Far Travellers 29 (Keith Stanford 180, Kieran Stanford 128f), Misfits 18 (Mark Daniels 180) What’s The Point 30 (Shaun Bould 180, Michael Evans 180, Roger Lockley 180).


 Just one result from group one in the South Birmingham League this week which saw St John’s win 5-3 at The Trident, St John’s moving to within one point of the leaders Mackadown Social who have one less result than St John’s.

In group two, Erdington Members Club opened up a two points lead at the top of the table when they beat their nearest rivals St John’s Flights 5-3. Bottom of the table The Kingfisher fell two points adrift of the rest of the league after a 5-3 defeat away to Smithswood Social, this being Smithswood’s first win in five.

Full Results:Group One:- The Trident 3 (C.Walton 135,2×100, A.Cooksey 125,100, M.Naylor 100) St John’s 5 (S.Ahmed 100,125, J.Norris 100, P.Shipley 3×100, T.Evans 100), Group Two:- The Dog 5 P.Thompson 2×100,140, Z.Flavell 2×140,121,100, S.O’Brien 2×100, J.Fathers 121, P.Richards 2×140,100) Coleshill Social 3 (P.Bryant 180,2×100,140, S.Sweetman 2×100,134,125,140, G.Jones 2×100,140,180, B.Jones 180), Smithswood Social 5 (L.Hughes 4×100, M.Winstanley 100, M.Bailey 122,100,126, K.Mann 100, L.Walker 120) The Kingfisher 3 (R.Sharples 134,100, D.Clover 123,100, B.Boden 125, R.Mills 120,100, P.Reece 125, G.Shergold 100), St John’s Flights 3 (A.Aston 100,140, L.Barberan 140,2×100 , B.Harris 140, L.O’Donnell 2×100,120,138, S.Whatmore 100,102,145,129, D.Kingdon 100,122) Erdington Members Club 5 J.Frost 180,100, W.Naylor 2×180,100, M.Anwar 140,119,2×100, B.Cadby 117, C.Millwards snr 100,135,140,177,12 darts game, C.Winters 2×100, M.Birch 135,101, C.Millward jnr 2×100).


Riley’s Red Arrows continue to fly high in division one of the Forest of Arden Summer League their latest fixture seeing them win 6-1 against Highwood ‘C’ and maintain their two points lead over Journeys End, Greville Arrows and Iron Horse plus they have a game in hand on the rest of the division.

Division two leaders Chelmsley Town suffered a setback to the title aspirations as they lost their home game to their nearest rivals Sheldon Marlborough Flights who are now just two points behind Chelmsley. Third placed Crown Arrows beat Shard End Crown Flights 5-2 and although two points adrift of the leaders do have a game in hand.

Full Results:Division One:- Riley’s Red Arrows 6 Highwood ‘C’ 1 Sheldon Marlborough Arrows 2 (M.Cox 100, A.Eden 2×100, D.Howlett 100, D.Humphries 100,2×140, D.Duffy 100), Journeys End 5 (L.Barberan 132,140, D.Kingdon 112, J.Jennings 120b, P.Shipley 125, D.Duncan 2×100, S.Kingdon 100, A.Edwards 100,120b, S.Whatmore 120b), Iron Horse 5 (R.Earl 117, T.Rainsford 134,100, R.Parry 100) Highwood KB 2 (W.Cooper 113,2×100, T.Hobbis 122), Division Two:- Ivy Leaf 3 (R.Jelly 123,125, T.Clinton 100, D.Field 100b) Highwood Exiles 4 (R.Harrison snr 104f, S.Payne 2×100, A.Payne 102f), Shard

End Crown Flights 2 (C.Vann 100,140, M.Bown 100b,105) Crown Arrows 5 (R.Vann 2×100, K.White 100,140, D.White 115,101), Chelmsley Town 3 (D.Cox 140,100, N.Lumley 120) Sheldon Marlborough Flights 4 (P.Brown 2×100, K.Salsbury 129f, B.Steptoe 160b,112b, M.Jenkins 123, N.Rughani 100, J.Vaughan 120), Greville Arms 4 New Inns 3.


The Halesowen Friday Night League played their doubles knockout down to the last eight and battling it out in the quarter finals will be R.Hill & T.Johnson, R. Lenton & M. Rutter, K. Dauncey & L. Eaves, K. Harris & R . Harris, M. Tonks & R. Rose, M.Archer & J. Archer, A. Hill & Siviter, V.Handley & P. Hackett.


This coming Sunday Riley’s Snooker Bar, Solihull will be staging their Pub Players Darts Competition, for a £6 entry fee the event has a guaranteed prize fund of £150.

Registrations will be accepted up to 12.45pm on the day with a 1.00pm start. Up to 32 entries and there will be a Round Robin competition, over 32 and it will be a straight knockout.

The knockout is for pub players only, anyone playing BDO County or PDC after 1st January 2015 are not eligible.


The Winmau Centre in the Wolverhampton Sports Arena staged another of their increasingly popular first Thursday in the month knockouts and the number of entrants keeps growing with every event.

The final of this latest one was a repeat performance of the previous one involving Warwickshire county player Ashley Hykin and  PDC Derbyshire man Matt Padgett and the outcome was more or less the same as before with Padgett on this occasion winning 6-4 as opposed to last time when he won by a closer 6-5.

So who is going to stop Padgett making it three in a row, why not give it a try there is a guaranteed £100 for the winner and the entry is just £5 per player.

Full Results: Round One:- Kenny West 0 Kevin Harris 4, Shane Craig 3 Joshua Parkes 4, Kristian Wharton – bye, Sam Guest 4 Mark Craddock 3, Matt Barnfather 1 Mick Baker 4, Matt Padgett 4 Chris Fox 0, Wayne Willis – bye, Graham Hall 4 Steven Homer 1, Ash Khayat – bye, Kevin Bambrick 4 Rob Montana 1, Lee Craig 0 Ian Jones 4, Ian Flack 0 Steven Hickman 4, Ashley Hykin – bye, Mick O’Neill – bye, Richard Hosey 4 Kristen Bircher 3, Rob Harris 1 Euan McGovern 4, Round Two:- Ash Khayat 2 Kevin Bambrick 4, Ian Jones 4 Steve Hickman 0, Ashley Hykin 4 Mick O’Neill 2, Richard Hosey 4 Euan McGovern 1, Kevin Harris 4 Joshua Parkes 0, Kristian Wharton 2 Sam Guest 4, Mick Baker 1 Matt Padgett 4, Wayne Willis 2 Graham Hall 4, Quarter Finals:- Kevin Bambrick 3 Ian Jones 4, Ashley Hykin 4 Richard Hosey 2, Kevin Harris 2 Sam Guest 4, Matt Padgett 4 Graham Hall 0, Semi Finals:- Ian Jones 2 Ashley Hykin 5, Sam Guest 2 Matt Padgett 5, Final:- Ashley Hykin 4 Matt Padgett 6.


There were shocks for the leading duo in the Brierley Hill Monday Night League as leaders Dudley Sports ‘C’ somewhat surprisingly lost 5-4 to their local rivals Dudley Sports ‘A’ who are sixth in the table and ten points behind them. Despite the defeat the top team hold on to their two points lead as second in the table Bridge ‘B’ also lost. Playing at home Bridge ‘B’ went down 5-4 to Black Horse who are sixteenth in the table and a huge 20 points behind their host’s. Rose and Crown (Brierley Hill) drew to within four points of Bridge ‘B’ with a 5-4 win over Dog and Lamppost ‘A’.

Full Results:Week 22:- Dudley Sports ‘C’ 4 Dudley Sports ‘A’ 5, Brickmakers Arms 5 Bridge ‘A’ 4, Blue Brick 8 Old Star 1, The Swan 5 Queens Head (Wordsley) 4, Rose and Crown (Brierley Hill) 5 Dog and Lamppost ‘A’ 4, Liberal Club 6 Griffin 3, Dog and Lamppost ‘B’ 5 Roebuck 4, Bulls Head (Netherton) 4 High Acres 5, Bridge ‘B’ 4 Black Horse 5, Dudley Sports ‘B’ 3 Portway 6.


The Hilltop Friendly Tuesday Night League staged the semi finals of their Rickuss Cup and league leaders Dewdrop had a very close 4-3 verdict over Jolly Collier who are third in the table. The other semi final saw Old Hop Pole storm into a decisive 5-0 lead and now the league’s top two teams will meet in the final.

Just one rearranged league fixture was played which saw Sow and Pigs beat Hayes Social 5-2.

Full Results:Rickuss Cup:Semi Finals:- Old Hop Pole 5 Ivy Bush 0, Dewdrop 4 Jolly Collier 3, Rearranged League Fixture:- Sow and Pigs 5 Hayes Social 2.


Week three of the Small Heath League saw top team East Birmingham Allotment Holders Association drop their first leg of the season as they won 8-1 against Moseley All Service giving them a perfect score of six points, Mitre are also unbeaten in their opening three games and have the same number of points as EBAHA, their 6-3 win at Emerald Flights leaving them five legs short of the leaders.

Full Results:- Wagon and Horses 6 Clock Inn 3, Cob’s Bar 4 Emerald Club 5, Moseley All Service 1 East Birmingham Allotments Holders Association 8, Emerald Flights 3 Mitre 6.


A 4-3 home defeat at the hands of the Lions as seen Scruffy Ringers fall two points behind leaders Cotterills Lane Club in the Camp Hill League, Cotterills have taken their points tally to 26 with 5-2 win over third placed Journeys End, who are nine points off the top.

Full Results:- Horses 4 Wagon 3, Cotterills Lane Club 5 Journeys End 2, Devil’s Club 1 Holy Gulp 6, Scruffy Ringers 3 Lions 4.


The Greets Green Bar, Whitehall Road, West Bromwich will be staging the latest of their Second Sunday Darts Competitions this coming weekend with a top prize of £400 for the eventual winner.

For a £7 entry fee there will be cash prizes down to the losing quarter finalists plus one for the player with the most 180’s.

Anyone requiring any further information should contact Stu on 0121-557-1388.


With only three fixtures remaining in the Stourbridge and District Monday Night League Ashwood have had their lead cut to just two points at the top of the table after losing 5-4 away to second in the table Ten Arches. Although Ashwood have such a slender lead they do have the better average but nevertheless it should be an interesting run for the final few games.

Full Results:Game 35:- Ten Arches 5 Ashwood 4, Kingswinford Conservative Club 2 Britannia 7, Brickmakers Arms 6 Bird ‘A’ (Stourbridge) 3, Church Tavern 3 Corn Exchange 6, Bird (Wordsley) 4 Stourbridge RBL 5, Quarry Bank Conservative Club 7 Gigmill 2, Bird ‘B’ (Stourbridge) 4 New Inns 5, Shrubbery Cottage 6 Plough 3, The Cat Inn (Wordsley) 9 Crestwood 0.


A final reminder that this coming weekend the Winmau Centre at the Wolverhampton Sports Arena, Dunstall Road, Wolverhampton, WV6 0QU will be staging the West Midlands regional round of the prestigious Worthington Champion of Champions Competition.

With free entry the competition carries an amazing total of £17,500 prize money with a top prize of £5,000 for the eventual national winner plus cash prizes down to the last 32 players.

All men, women and juniors aged 14 or over qualify for free entry the eventual winner of the heat will then go forward to the grand finals in St David’s Hall, Cardiff on August 30th with the chance to walk away with an amazing £5,000.

The competition is organised by Red Dragon Darts, but further information for the West Midlands play off can be obtained either by logging on to wolverhamptonsportsarena.co.uk or ringing 01902 420827.


There were wins for the top two teams in the Halesowen Monday Night Ladies League as leaders Spring Meadow won 5-2 at Townsend and second placed Park Lane Tavern had a close 4-3 success at The Widders. Park Lane remain four points behind Spring Meadow but have played ten games as opposed to Meadow’s eleven.

Full Results:- Hare and Hounds 4 Haden Cross 3, Townsend 2 Spring Meadow 5, The Widders 3 Park Lane Tavern 4, Captains Cup:- Hare and Hounds lost to Haden Cross, Townsend lost to Spring Meadow, The Widders beat Park Lane Tavern.


The Harborne League played off their Singles Knockout and the winner of the competition was Court Oak’s Ashley Hykin with a final close 3-2 win over Mark James (West Heath Snooker Club).

In the semi final Hykin beat Richard Hosey while James took out Jamie Hykin.

Full Results:Singles Knockout:Semi Fnals:- Ashley Hykin (Court Oak) beat Richard Hosey, Mark James (West Heath Snooker Club) beat Jamie Hykin, Final:- Ashley Hykin 3 Mark James 2.


A 2-1 win over Jack Mahon has kept James Clarke’s four points lead at the top of the Safe Harbour Double Top League intact. Second placed Paul Morris was also a 2-1 winner in his tie with Ron Clarke. Third in the table John Green fell further behind the leading duo as he lost 3-0 to Gez Oldfield.

Full Results:- G.Oldfield 2 (105b) J.Wickett 1 (100,120), R.Clarke 0 J.Mahon 3, P.Morris 2 (100) R.Clarke 1, D.Pickering 1 (100b) J.Wickett 2 (121), J.Mahon 2 (4×100) T.Denneny 1 (100), J.Mahon 1 (123) J.Clarke 2 (100), R.Clarke 0 D.Pickering 3 (2×100,100b,105b,140), G.Oldfield 3 (121,120b,2×100) J.Green 0 (100), J.Wickett 3 (100) T.Denneny 0), K.Clarke 1 P.Morris 2).


As the halfway mark fast approaches in the Brierley Hill Friday Night League Miners (Wollescote) added another win to their score beating The Bridge 5-4 to keep them top of the table with 32 points. Three teams Dudley Sports ‘B’, Brickmakers Arms and Pensnett Welfare Club are all on 28 points, Dudley Sports ‘B’ winning 7-2 at Bulls Head (Netherton), third placed Brickmakers had an impressive 6-3 win over Pensnett Welfare Club who dropped from second to fourth in the table.

Full Results:Week 20:- Brickmakers Arms 6 Pensnett Welfare Club 3, Bridge 4 Miners (Wollescote) 5, Netherton Cricket Club 6 Pensnett Liberal Club 3, Dudley Sports ‘A’ 2 Roebuck 7, The Bell 7 Mitre 2, Bulls Head (Netherton) 2 Dudley Sports ‘B’ 7


Two rearranged fixtures in division two of the Pip Club League Sports Bar ‘180’ beating Gate (Amington) 10-6 to move up one place to second in the table and in the other game Globe ‘A’ had an 11-5 win at Old Liberal.

Full Results:Division Two:- Sports Bar ‘180’ 10 Gate (Amington) 6, Old Liberal 5 Globe ‘A’ 11.


The top three teams in the Cradley Tuesday Night 501 league all won this week, top of the table Crown ‘A’ had a close 5-4 win at Plough and Harrow, while second and third placed White Horse and Crown ‘B’ had 7-2 wins against respective teams The Vine and Netherton Sports and Social ‘A’.

Full Results:- Crown ‘B’ 7 Netherton Sports and Social ‘A’ 2, Crown (Netherton) 7 Chop House 2, Hawne Lane Tavern 6 Gate Hangs Well 3, Members Club ‘B’ 2 Roost ‘A’ 7, Roost ‘B’ 3 Members Club ‘A’ 6, The Vine 2 White Horse 7, Plough and Harrow 4 Crown ‘A’ 5.


After playing eleven games only two points separate the top four teams in the Rowley Monday Night League, Crown ‘A’ and Springfield Social Club are both on an unbeaten 22 points while The Bell and Ex Serviceman’s ‘A’ each have 20 points. In the latest round of fixtures leaders Crown ‘A’ won 8-1 at Britannia, Springfield were 6-3 winners at Riddins Tavern, The Bell won 8-1 at The Plough and there was a 7-2 home win for Ex Serviceman’s ‘A’ against Crown (Netherton).

Full Results:- Leones 5 Ex Serviceman’s ‘B’ 4, Ivy Bush 7 Little Beech 2, Riddins Tavern 3 Springfield Social Club 6, Ex Serviceman’s ‘A’ 7 Crown (Netherton) 2, Haden Cross 4 Whiteheath Tavern 5, Britannia 1 Crown (Old Hill) 8, Windmills End 3 Fairfield 6, Maypole 3 Cottage 6, Plough 1 The Bell 8.


Dolphin ‘A’ lead the way in the Tamworth League their latest 6-1 win over Old Liberal House giving them a total of 175 points, second placed Belgrave Club handed their visitors a 7-0 whitewash while reigning champions Fox and Dogs in third place had their game with Dolphin ‘B’ postponed and now with 168 points are seven points off the top with a game in hand.

Full Results:- Dolphin ‘B’ 7 Three Tuns ‘B’ (Fazeley) 0, Sports Bar 3 Fox and Dogs 4, Wigginton 4 Mile Oak Rovers 3, Old Liberal House 3 Longwood 4, Three Tuns ‘A’ (Fazeley) 2 Dolphin ‘A’ 5, Globe Inn 7 Sports Bar ‘180’ 0, Mile Oak Rovers 6 Three Tuns ‘B’ (Fazeley) 1, Longwood 4 Sports Bar 3, Belgrave Club 7 Wigginton 0, Dolphin ‘A’ 6 Old Liberal House 1, Three Tuns ‘A’ (Fazeley) 1 Globe Inn 6, Players League:- John Lewin (Dolphin ‘B’) beat Lin Hardwick (Three Tuns ‘B’, Fazeley), Martin Edwards (Fox and Dogs) beat Rob Taft (Sports Bar), Debbie Tallis (Mile Oak Rovers) beat Andy Brennan (Wigginton), Mark DeLeon (Longwood) beat Jonathon Bagley (Old Liberal House), Terry Molineux (Sports Bar ‘180’) beat Ian Grylls (Globe Inn), Lin Hardwick (Three Tuns ‘B’, Fazeley) beat Debbie Tallis (Mile Oak Rovers), Rob Taft (Sports Bar) beat Mark DeLeon (Longwood) – via bye, Andy Brennan (Wigginton) beat Adam Williams (Belgrave Club), Susie Leek (Three Tuns ‘A’, Fazeley) beat Ian Grylls (Globe Inn).


Average is the only difference between the top two sides in division one of the Wolverhampton Tuesday Night League, leaders Wednesfield FC won 7-0 at Riley’s ‘D’ to give them 28 points and with the same points ECC had a 6-1 win at Chillington Club.

Pheasant continue to lead division two their fixture at Riley’s ‘B’ saw them win 7-0 while Fordhouses CC who are two points adrift of ECC had a close 4-3 win away to seventh placed Boat ‘B’.

Full Results:Week 16::Division One:- Ashmore Inn 1 Penn Bowling 6, Bradmore ‘B’ 4 Wednesfield Conservative Club 3, Cabin 3 Dog and Partridge 4, Chillington Club 1 ECC 6, Corpus 3 Merry Boys 4, Railway 3 Bradmore ‘A’ 4, Riley’s ‘D’ 0 Wednesfield FC 7, Victoria 1 Riley’s ‘C’ 6, Village Inn 1 Wednesfield Legion ‘A’ 6, Division Two:- Bird in Hand 4 Wednesfield Legion ‘C’ 3, Boat ‘B’ 3 Fordhouses CC 4, Castle 2 Roebuck 5, Emerald 3 Bull 4, Old Stags Head 6 Red Lion 1, Riley’s ‘B’ 0 Pheasant 7, Ukrainian Club 4 Riley’s ‘A’ 3, Woodfield Social Club 4 Three Crowns 3.


A rare win for Brewood British Legion in the Tettenhall Wednesday Night League as they recorded only their second victory in nineteen games to lift them off the foot of the table and be replaced by Dog and Partridge who Brewood beat 6-1, both teams are on four points Brewood having the better average.

Full Results:- Claregate 5 Jones Road 2, Dog and Partridge 1 Brewood British Legion 6, Otter and Vixen 5 Whitmore Reans WMC 2, Riley’s ‘B’ 4 The Bull 3, Village Inn 3 Riley’s ‘A’ 4, Woodfield Social Club 2 Moreton 5.


Newcomers to the Stourbridge and District Wednesday Night League Gornal Conservative Club took their unbeaten run to nine games when they defeated Ten Arches ‘B’ 4-3 to knock their opponents down two places to fourth in the table. The two Ashwood’s ‘A’ and ‘B’ are both riding high the ‘A’ side winning 7-0 away to The Leopard to put them in second place on 16 points and the ‘B’ having a 6-1 home win over The Fox (Lye) giving them 14 points and third place. Ten Arches ‘B’ and The Bell both are on the same 14 points as Ashwood ‘B’ but with an inferior average.

Full Results:Week 9:- The Leopard 0 Ashwood ‘A’ 7, Dudley Sports 4 (R.Dillworth 156f, 9 darts gane)  The Swan 3, Wombourne Cricket Club 7 Netherton Cricket Club 0, High Acres 1 The Bell 6, Ten Arches ‘A’ 6 Queens 1, Gornal Conservative Club 4 (C.Nicklin 160b) Ten Arches ‘B’ 3 (A.Robson 154f), Ashwood ‘B’ 6 (M.Westwood 130f) The Fox (Lye) 1.


The Kings Norton League have got their new season underway and the early pacesetters are reigning champions Court Oak with a 7-0 win over Toby Jug Flights, close behind them are Stirchley United WMC and Toby Jug ‘A’ who in turn had 6-1 wins against Kings Heath and Kings Norton Ex Serviceman’s Club.

Full Results:Week 1:- Court Oak 7 (C.Burke 100, K.Bedder 100,125,140,116f, J.Hykin 2×140, V.Gould 3×100, G.Dews 100,115,121, P.Blades 3×100, R.Mann 2×100,140) Toby Flights 0 (A.Danks 125, D.Hodges 100, B.Roberts 100), Toby ‘A’ 6 (S.Knowles 2×100, A.Deeley 5×100,140,17 darts game, B.Heath 3×100,2×140, S.Hodges 100, D.Kent 140, J.Grainger 100, R.Higgins 2×100,102) Kings Norton Ex Serviceman’s 1 (Peter Corbett 2×100, S.Carr 123,121,100, C.Davenport 2×100, S.Brown 100,140,125, M.Bloomer 100,140,129,101), Rubery 5 (S.Jaques 2×100,140, J.Ford 118, I.Medlicott 4×100, C.Guest 4×100, M.Bennet 2×100, M.Pierce 4×100) Dingle 2 (S.Ager 3×100,140,123f, A.Edmonds 100, M.Deeley 100, B.Andrews 2×100, S.Nolan 100,120, R.Martin 100, K.Manger 2×100,140), Hillyfields 5 (P..Vaughan 2×100,120, P.Yardley 2×140,134,121,101, A.Harvey 2×140,100, A.Vaughan 2×100, K.Vaughan 100,140, Joe Fox 2×100, L.Fox 125, M.Hopkins 100, G.Wilkes 100) Coppice 2 (B.Tanner 100, M.Mooney 135, M.Jones 100,146, G.Twist 2×100,140, D.Hill 100, J.Chapman 100), West Heath 4 (T.Shipley 100,101, A.Sutton 140, T.Corbett 2×140,100, S.Deeley 100, D.Peace 100, C.Micklewright 100, K.Hall 100, W.Webb 100, T.Hill 121) Cotteridge 3 (C.Harman 2×100,140, J.O’Neill 3×100,138,140, S.Brookes 100,101, Matt Ivory 140), Stirchley 6 (M.Welsh 3×100,2×140,118f, B.Thomas 2×140,122, K.Mason 140,100,101, S.Riddick 3×100,180, P.Gossage 2×100,125, C.Price 140,100, M.Bathurst 100,140, A.Wright 156) Kings Heath 1 (D.Parish 3×100, G.Stokes 126, P.Walton 140,136,103, P.Morris 100), Bull 4 (G.Purnell 4×100,15 darts game, K.Maxim 4×100, S.Seery 3×100, P.Smith 121,180, D.Campbell 2×100,123, S.Campbell 100) Billesley 3 (R.Jones 100,102, L.Jones 2×120,140, C.Singleton 140, J.Eades 140, D.Jones 100).