Sussex v Shropshire 

In division three of the Riley’s BDO Inter County Champions Shropshire will begin the New Year with an extremely difficult away game against Sussex. A total of 29 points separate the two teams with Sussex second from top and Shropshire second from bottom of the table.

The fixture will be played at the Roffey Club, Spooners Road, Horsham, the away side hoping their luck will change and they can get a result to lift them away from the wrong end of the table.

Selected to play for Shropshire are, Men’s ‘A’:- Steve Ritchie, Clive Lucking, Dan Astbury, Andi Chatter, Andy Roberts, Shane Knight, Danny James, John Cooper, Richard Parker, Andy Powell, Kevin Harris, Andy Richardson, Men’s ‘B’:- Mark Tirrell, Darryl Sheldon, Simon Pritchard, Eddie Austin, Anthony Stoneman, Mark Jones, John Breeze, Neville Quinton, Nigel Sandbrook, Brian Hickman, Roger Taylor, Nathan Storer,

Reserves:- Matt Williams, Tony Wickham, Danny Humphries, Phil Austin, Ladies ‘A’:- Michelle Pritchard, Caroline Laffin, Katherine McLean, Pam Jones, Mandy Morgan, Wendy Talbot, Ladies ‘B’:- Debbie Davies, Elaine Banks, Lorna Wheatley, Sue Corbett, Deanna Worrall, Pam Evans, Reserves:- Sharon Harris, Rebecca Houston, Leanne Loveridge, Sue Lane, Tina James, Rachel Evans, Jody Tabberner.